Whistler – The story so far!

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I turned up at Heathrow to meet Paul and Julian from IWOOT and the competition winners Harvey, Jamie, Jo and Ian to eventually find out that the flight was cancelled. Apparently the BA Captain was poorly that day and when announced we joined a massive queue to make alternative travel arrangements.

The only travel arrangements offered were an overnight stay at the wonderful Heathrow Hotel for next day travel via Toronto with a forward flight directly to Vancouver. So off to the Hotel we went. Once we arrived there we went for dinner and some well deserved drinks! However there was a certain member of the party that nearly lost their passport.

We arrived to meet everyone at 8.30am the next morning. 8.30am came and still one very important person missing. He had apparently only gone to bed at 6am that morning and no one knew which room he was in! To cut a long story short we had no alternative to call security to track down the missing Julian!

All was well just in the nick of time, as we only just made it to the Airport to check in with all the massive queues at Heathrow. Scary to think that if security was not called, we may have missed that flight, even though arriving now a day early:-)

Well on the 24th the day of final travel it was my birthday – the lostest ever through the different time zones. Started in Heathrow, then Toronto and even had time to do an excursion to the CN Towers in Toronto. (This tallest building apparently in the world) with an elevator that took the party up to the top as quick as I am writing the word “Happy Birthday to Me”

After a brisk walk and it was brisk as it was freezing cold it was back to the Airport for that long connecting flight to Vancouver. The flight went quickly and I did manage to get some shut eye which seemed like minutes but must have been a couple of hours. Then finally reached Vancouver and to our amazement was picked up in a stretch limo for a two hour drive to Whistler – Exhausted.

Had a good night’s sleep and will be meeting the guys shortly for the first day at Whistler – God help us!

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