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sylvia_tips11WordPress plugins are a fast and simple way to help optimise your site’s performance. However with a range of plugins at your fingertips, it can be tricky deciding which ones will work best for enhancing your SEO. Luckily our Traffic Acquisition Manager, Sylvia Nankivell has come to the rescue and recommends the following five traffic acquisition WordPress plugins:

  1. Simple Google Analytics or one of the many other Google Analytics Plugins. If you are not tracking the traffic which you are receiving, then you will not be able to make informed decisions on traffic acquisition, and won’t be able to see the effects of your online marketing activity.
  2. SEO by Yoast This plugin allows you to add unique meta titles and descriptions to each of your posts and pages (very important for SEO). Plus it gives you added options for no-indexing certain page types (pages with no unique content will need to have the no-index tag)/
  3. WP Custom Category Pages Without unique content on them, your category pages cannot rank, and will send out a negative signal to search engines (in a search engines’ eyes they just look like a list of duplicate links and/or snippets). I therefore recommend you use a plugin such as this one, to add a paragraph or two of content to your category pages.
  4. Collapse-o-matic  As mentioned above, having content on all of your pages which you would like to rank in search engines is essential. This plugin allows you to add content within an expandable div (read more type link), so you can add more content, without having super text heavy pages.
  5. Pretty Link  The pretty link plugin will not only make your affiliate links look nicer, but will also stop search engines from following them.

If you have any more questions about traffic acquisition for your site, contact our Publisher Services team.

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