Top of the Blogs: Issue 7

February 24th, 2012

With the glamorous scent of LFW lingering in the air and our own Fashion Focus event less than a week away, we couldn’t resist including a fashion article in our top picks from the week. We’ve also been reading about the battlefield of social media, an niffy new virtual shop idea being trialed in Australia, how Facebook advertising has evolved, and, of course, the controversy around Pinterest.


5) Fashion Forward Has Become Fashion Follow; Here Are the New Leaders

“Technology and user-generated content is revolutionizing commerce. Global production capabilities are democratizing quality. Trends are changing more rapidly, but also gaining total reach through the Internet. These aren’t the ’90s anymore.”

4) Social media is still minefield for brands

“In an era when the line between editorial and advertising is blurring, perhaps it should not be a surprise when brands sometimes get it wrong.”


3) The Cost of Facebook Ads Stays Steady – But For How Long?

“as the world’s most powerful social media behemoth, Facebook’s iron grip on the social marketing scene allowed them to ruthlessly dictate the price of advertising on their uniquely powerful platform. Never was this fact more evident than in Q1 and Q2 of 2011.”


2) Woolworths launches virtual stores to promote mobile grocery shopping (Australia)

“While the ‘stores’ are not quite disruptive innovators of sales channel norms, they are a novel twist on stock standard billboard advertising, and Woolworths is already planning expansions. Fakira tells Marketing that the next stop is bus shelters in the country’s five major cities.”


…and, finally…

1) Interview: Skimlinks CEO on Pinterest Relationship and Affiliate Marketing

“Speaking of the overall incident, she said that the response Skimlinks has received has been one of support. “People are overwhelmingly supportive of Pinterest’s use of Skimlinks, particularly because it allowed them to make a revenue stream without at all affecting the user’s experience,” Navarro added.”

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