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Fashion is big business. According to the British Fashion Council: “The UK Fashion industry is similar in size to the food/beverages services and telecommunications industries and bigger than the wholesale and retail of automotives, sports activities, chemical manufacture and advertising/video sectors” (for this reference and other stats and facts from the British Fashion Council click here). But fashion isn’t just any big business. When the fashion world comes together for a trade show, the world’s media pays attention.

The ostrich feathers have only just drifted to the floor; the sound of clip-clopping heals has only just faded away; the glitter has only just settled, on the most important trade show for the UK fashion industry – London Fashion Week (LFW). With our own fashion sector event, Fashion Focus, now only a week away, we definitely have style on the brain.

Looking through the couture and high-end designers reported on by the likes of Anastasia & Duck, Coco’s Tea Party, Five Five Fabulous and Alex Loves, it seems a world away from the high street and the majority of advertisers engaging in performance marketing. But that’s where you would be wrong. London Fashion Week is very relevant for the performance marketing industry in various ways.

In a general sense, the popularity of the events around LFW and engagement from the mainstream media and public reminds us just how creative the UK still is when it comes to fashion. Just as often as you see fabulous fashion blogs filled with glossy pictures of clothes worth as much as your car, you see blogs like I Want You To Know and LLYMLRS, who put together the most elegant and trendy outfits from high street and vintage pieces. These blogs represent savvy online shoppers who know what looks good on them, as well as how to get a unique look from affordable pieces. And they are starting to influence LFW as much as LFW influences them.

At the same time the distillation of LFW on designer-oriented sites is reinforcing this connection by providing links to where affordable versions of this seasons trends can be bought right there next to the latest offering from McQueen. And after all, where did this seasons trends come from? The catwalk is driving a filtering down of styles and motifs even more explicitly and faster than ever before.

In light of all of these crossed boundaries and inspirations, we spoke to online shoe and fashion retailer Zalando about their decision to launch their first own-label collection. Did their UK Affiliate Manager, Jemma Tadd, agree that it is now very important for high street and affordable online brands to have their own strong design image?

Now more than ever fashion is moving even faster, therefore it’s important for retailers to quickly translate current catwalk trends into wearable, affordable everyday looks.  Customers are more fashion savvy today than they’ve ever been, making developing a unique brand image crucial to setting your brand apart from the competition. Fashion has become accessible to a broader audience as retailers are able to offer affordable versions of catwalk looks for a high street price.


Zalando is making its own mark on the fashion industry with the Zalando Collection, which hits virtual shelves on 2nd March 2012, the day after they preview some of the pieces in the collection at Fashion Focus. In anticipation, we also asked Jemma for some more details about how the collection promotes the Zalando brand image?

Zalando Collection is definitely one to watch! It reflects the latest catwalk trends, offering a wide range of styles to suit every wardrobe. With high quality materials and refined cuts, the collection boasts on-trend, wearable fashions for a price that won’t break the bank. The spring / summer range has a lot to offer; Mid-century cuts, ethnic elements, graphic prints, pastel shades and 90’s neon accents  as well as a variety of chic summer dresses – it’s a must have collection for fashion lovers.

We look forward to seeing samples of the collections, as well as all the other products showcased by Fashion Focus attendees, on March 1st. In the meantime, let life be your catwalk!

Click here to find out more about the Zalando affiliate programme.

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