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Two short days until we find out who reigns supreme at this years SuperGames.  The team at Found have been practicing to be in with a fighting chance!






Team Name: Found Affiliate Faction
Team Colours: Found Purple
Team Composition: Three guys and five girls
Q. Who is your sporting inspiration? / Which sports people do you hope to emulate across the tournament?
A. George Bett, who fortunately is on our team! George is an avid golfer, and plays a lot in his spare time. I’ve heard many impressive reports from other golfers that he often gets the highest points of the day by far, so I’m hoping he can bring this form to the SuperGames!

Q. Aside from SuperGames, what is your favourite sporting event of the year?
A. The annual office triathlon of pool, darts and table football. This year Found saw a good showing in pool, and made it to an absolutely thrilling finale in the doubles table football. The darts was less of an achievement, with Found going out in the first round, although to be fair the other guy totally fluked that double, and we were tired after working so hard in the office that day and the darts were too light and anyway they can keep their stupid darts trophy because we didn’t want to win it anyway.

Q. In which of the five sports to do you expect to gain the highest and lowest points?
A.  With a team predominantly made up of girls, we’re naturally setting our sites on the likes of netball. Previous attempts at this by any of the guys on the team has resulted in constant whistle-blowing, heavy sighs, and looks of scorn from the ref. I hear George is a bit handy at the old table tennis, but this is yet to be seen. Dodgeball hasn’t been the best game for us historically, but we’ve been religiously studying the 5 D’s in preparation, so you never know..

Q. Does anyone in your team have previous sporting experience that they will be drawing on across SuperGames?

Yes actually! John is used to high-pressure knock-out tournaments – very competitive ones, with athletes at the peak of physical fitness, absolutely focused and pushed to the very limits of what the human body can achieve. John saw all this and more when he visited Wimbledon this year.

Q. What is your team’s greatest sporting achievement to-date? This can be as a team, or an individual within the group?
A. Found take part in a quarterly pool knock-out competition of about 100 people. The last tournament saw both Jamie Brady and George Bett power through to the final, with Jamie eventually winning with a stunning (and humiliating) seven balling of Bett. Sadly pool isn’t making an appearance at the SuperGames, otherwise George could have had a chance to get seven balled again.

Q. Describe your team in three words
A. Upfer a Laugh

Q. Mo Farah is famous for his Mobot pose, Usain Bolt for his lightening pose. Do your team have any celebratory plans up their sleeve?

A. We’ve been working hard on the bent-double, puce-faced ‘huffing and puffing’ routine. All completely synchronised, along with our trademark slogans “oh god…”, “the burn…” and “give me a moment…”

Q. The New Zealand All Blacks intimidate their opponents with the now famous Haka war dance. Why should other SuperGames teams fear you?
A. To be fair, the New Zealand All Blacks have nothing on The Found ‘All Purples’ when it comes to intimidation. According to a site I just looked up, the colour purple symbolises our bruised egos power, nobility, luxury, and ambition. So there.

Q. How will you be training for the challenges of SuperGames?
A. We all know the real competition comes later down the pub. With this in mind we’ve been sticking to a rigorous diet of beer drinking in the local, whilst trying to ‘flip-catch’ as many beer mats as possible. (For reference, the record was 20 something as far as I can recall… mats, not pints)

Q. Who would you love to see commentating on SuperGames?

Lloyd Grossman: “What I really like here is the perfect combination of physique, hand-eye coordination and tactical nous. Who could beat a team like this? David, it’s over to you”

(You just did the voice didn’t you?)

Q. Which song would be your team’s anthem?
A. With the Found brand very much in mind, it has to be “Start Wearing Purple” by Gogol Bordello. Hopefully this also encapsulates the energy and fun we’ll be looking to bring to the games!


Affiliate Window is now confirming the last remaning places at SuperGames, to secure your place as a team or individual player, please email the Affiliate Window events team or visit the Supergames website.

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