Q&A: FatCheese dominates the Irish Market

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With  the expansion of the Affiliate Window platform into the burgeoning Irish market, we caught up with Ahmed Zaman, co-founder of FatCheese: the first online rewards site in Ireland to offer 100% cashback to its members, to uncover how they became one of the biggest publishers in Ireland

You have launched your market leading cashback reward scheme programme into the Irish market. What drove this move?

We knew that the economic downturn had hit Ireland very hard. We spent several weeks researching the area of online marketing in Ireland and found there was nothing quite similar to what we were offering. The biggest initial challenge was to get advertisers on board as performance marketing was very different to what they were used to. But with help from several contacts we’d made over the years we were able to get a number of advertisers’ on-board ready for our launch in December 2009. Since then we’ve never really looked back and we now have over 900 advertisers that we work with in Ireland alone.

These are exciting times for the company and your industry. How do you see the Fatcheese programme developing over the next couple of years?

With our Irish business growing and our site now well known within the media channels, we are looking to expand quite quickly over the next twelve months. Our aim is to set up an office in Ireland within the next six months and have separate teams looking after the Irish and UK parts of the business. In addition we are also looking to enhance the service we offer to our members by bringing in new technologies.

How important to your strategy is development and growth within the Irish market?

Although still several years behind the UK, Ireland is proving to be a very fast moving market and we hope to play a major part in its growth by working closely with advertisers and helping them with their strategies using the experiences we have gained over the last 36 months.

What are your aspirations for the performance channel? What types of advertisers do you plan to work most closely with?

We’re able to work with advertisers across all verticals. if it’s something that we think our users will be interested in, then it’s something we’ll be interested in ourselves. Finance is one vertical that is currently lacking in Ireland but one we know will perform well following tests we’ve run for several advertisers.

Is there anything newsworthy that you’d like to highlight for the next 12 months?

We have big plans for the year ahead. Watch this space.

Learn more about the FatCheese programme by contacting our Publisher Services Team.

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