Publisher Spotlight: Dealslands

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DL is dedicated to discovering the best discounts for its customers from prominent online brands in UK.

They operate a promotional platform that connects brands and retailers with consumers. With several brands from various sectors, Dealslands aims to help the consumers at the moment they are deciding on their purchase.

Dealslands launched in 2014 by Maulik Patel, as a place to help consumers find online bargains. The site has grown considerably over the last year, with an average of 20,000 monthly visitors.

Publisher Stories: Roland Head,

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trophyAs part of our ‘publisher stories’ campaign, we’re asking publishers to share their affiliate marketing journeys, to help highlight the benefits that being part of our industry can bring to budding entrepreneurs.

This time Roland Head shares how he tried out affiliate marketing, to see if he could live the dream and travel while paying the mortgage. Roland spotted a niche in the market for a van hire aggregator in 2007 and two years later turned into a full-time income stream for him.