Find your fashion-match with Fashionchick’s new Swipe&Shop app

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swipenshopWant to easily access the latest new-in collections from the best online shops direct from your mobile device? Swipe&Shop allows you to browse through the newest must-have items, where you can swipe right to shop your favourite pieces or swipe left to send them packing. Following the recent launch of Fashionchick’s Tinder-for-Fashion app, we asked Kavita Verryth, Manager UK at Fashionchick for the story behind Swipe&Shop, how advertisers can get involved and future plans for the app.

Webinar Re-run: Growth of Mobile Commerce in Affiliate Marketing

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AW_webinarsThe Strategy Team hosted its second webinar today but we understand there were some issues accessing it. Therefore we’ll be re-running it tomorrow (Thursday 14th May) at the same time. Here’s a description of what we’ll cover off. If you’re unable to make that time slot it will be available afterwards on the network’s YouTube channel.

Having previously focussed on affiliate influence and payments on assist, the next webinar will look at the growth of mobile commerce and the devices driving these trends.

The growth of mobile commerce is no longer a new phenomenon, but it is one that is still largely misunderstood in the affiliate channel.

When we first started publishing our monthly mobile tracker in 2011, just 2% of sales originated from a smartphone or tablet device combined. Fast forward to 2015 and we now see almost four in ten sales across the network generated through both platforms.

In this webinar we will look at the devices driving these trends as well as showcasing advertisers and publishers that are effective at generating mobile sales – both through smartphones and tablets. We’ll also be uncovering the sectors that typically over index when it comes to mobile activity.

We’ll take a look at customer journeys and how they span not just multiple channels but also cross various devices. With the launch of our exclusive cross device tracking functionality we have been able to explore whether affiliate payment models need overhauling in order to ensure affiliates are fairly rewarded for sales they have been involved in across mobile and desktop.

This tracking has also enabled us to provide greater insights. Are customer journeys actually longer than have been perceived through the affiliate channel? And what are the implications for click cookie periods? Smartphones typically have inferior conversion rates compared to tablet and desktop, but what role do they play as an influencing device?

Join us on Thursday 14th May at 15:00 to find out the answer to these questions and more.

You can sign up for this webinar here.

Record Breaking Publisher Approvals

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explore24,554 - That’s the total number of people and businesses that applied to join Affiliate Window as publishers between January and March this year. In fact, Q1 2015 saw our biggest ever number of approved applications, a record breaker and up 13% from the same time last year.

Every year we pull together annual stats on our publisher sign ups. Stats larger than anyone can really fathom about active affiliates, joined affiliates, new affiliates, inactive affiliates and so on. These figures are very impressive, and no doubt great for the industry at large but I also wanted to highlight in more day-to-day terms just what this quarter’s record-breaking number of new publishers really means.

Put another way the number of people or businesses that applied to Affiliate Window in Q1 would fill the Brixton Academy. Or, how about this; the number of people or businesses that applied to Affiliate Window in Q1 was nearly five times as many as those that attended the Performance Marketing Insights expo in London last year.

Update to Assist Reporting

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To complement our award winning commission by assist tool, Affiliate Window has just released an enhancement to our assist reporting.

Both advertisers and publishers will now be able to expand our assist reporting to see the winning publisher promotional types for the assists that they have generated.

Here is an example of how the new reporting looks:

graph assist

The pop up window that shows the breakdown of the assist data can be dragged around the screen so you do not need to worry about the window covering up any data that is shown on the screen.
At Affiliate Window, we see this as a key enhancement to our already popular assist reporting, because it provides important details about which publishers are ‘winning’ when assists are tracked.

With commission by assist now becoming more popular with our advertisers, having this level of detail on where assisted journeys are being completed, is important to ensure the right publishers are being rewarded for valuable assists that contribute to the incremental value of the channel.

Advertisers and publishers should remember that more detailed assist reporting is also available through our Tableau reports. Please speak to your account contact for more information on receiving these or email For any other information or questions relating to this feature, please contact