Influence and Persuasion will win the Christmas shopper over

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tabletWritten by Anjulie Truong, Operations Director

If you’re anything like me your consumer power will spread far and wide in Q4. Christmas gifts, party outfits, trips and travel to celebrate the festive season, train tickets to visit family and with the rise of Black Friday enticing consumers to purchase maybe a cheeky personal purchase or two. And all that is before the Big Day when the sales kick in and your aunty and uncle gave you a thoughtful gift voucher to ‘treat yourself’ in the sales.

Often we view peak trading as a frenzy of shopping activity, but behind that frenzy we know are intricately planned and strategic affiliate campaigns, often booked months in advance to target consumers. So how else can advertisers maximise their affiliate partners during peak season?

Black Friday: A Week Long Event

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We can thank America for exporting some of life’s most meaningful things. The aeroplane, the light bulb, Ernest Hemingway, Disney, Coca-Cola, Facebook. Donald Trump. They all began life in the USA.

As did Black Friday. And like the above list of Uncle Sam exports, with the exception perhaps of The Donald, the UK has embraced the traditional Friday after thanksgiving shopping day into its own culture.

Has Singles Day Become a Fixture in the UK?

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Singles Day in China was bigger than the projected e-commerce sales for the entirety of Brazil in 2016. This is just one of the many eye watering stats to come from another record breaking day of activity in China.

Falling on 11th November, it is the single biggest shopping day in the world. 2015 saw a record breaking day with $14.3bn spent. This total was exceeded by 8pm this year according to Tech Crunch. The final figure reported for the day’s trading stood at a staggering $17.8bn.