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On Monday 4th March, the O2 and Affiliate Window teams launched their first O2 Affiliate Connect event to create a fun and engaging forum to share the latest news and updates on the account. The presenters were Ben Hayward, O2’s Affiliate Marketing Manager and Nicola White, Account Director at Affiliate Window.

It all started with a sound check…

The Agenda included updates on the O2 brand and product launches while aiming to answer  the million dollar question – Why O2? All in all, the event allowed for a forum to discuss whether publishers have the sufficient content they need to promote O2 as effectively as possible.

Publishers were introduced to TuGo – an application which turns any device, whether SIM Card supported or not, into a phone.  This proposition is for O2 customers only, offering the opportunity for them to text, call or use data from their normal O2 plan on any device.  Ben used the e-mail analogy that back in the day, you could only access e-mail from the PC you had your account on. O2 is now doing this in the mobile space with TuGo and it’s quickly gaining traction.  Publishers were directed to watch a video provided via the chat functionality to get a real understanding for how the application works. .

Ben went on to discuss the extras that aim to give people a reason to want to be an O2 customer.  O2 Priority Moments and Tickets were two such examples.  When Beyonce tickets were released, the entire O2 site saw a huge spike in traffic and more sales were also seen within the performance channel.  Whilst ‘extras’ such as these may seem to be on the periphery of driving sales – they’re important for publishers as much as they are for the O2 brand in general. The Sony Xperia Z was given as another example of the kind of content that O2 can provide for publishers to complement their promotions and campaigns.

Finishing off the event, Ben and Nicola responded to any questions that were previously submitted.

Simon Mason’s question: ‘If search engines are the new high street when it comes to the consumer purchase cycle, then are there ways in which O2 can use its brand strength or other attributes to achieve higher coverage than their competitors through innovative affiliate strategies?’ was selected as the most insightful question, winning him a brand new Sony Xperia Z handset.  All attendees also received £50 worth of O2 academy vouchers to thank them for attending the first ever O2 Affiliate Connect.

The O2 affiliate team hopes to run the O2 Affiliate Connect events every 4-6 weeks.

For any questions, please contact Nicola White.

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