Getting to Know Affiliate Window’s New Traffic Acquisition Specialist

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Can you tell us a bit more about your role as Traffic Acquisition Specialist in our Publisher Services team?
The Traffic Acquisition role involves giving hands-on support to publishers that have great potential to be successful businesses. The aim is to educate these publishers about the intricacies of driving more traffic to their website(s). This will be achieved through the enhancement of a site’s SEO, paid search and social media channels. Once a solid stream of traffic has been established, I will also be giving recommendations on how a Publisher can improve the conversions of their site visitors. Ultimately, this role is a way of giving publishers something back. It is an innovative offering that helps to compliment Affiliate Window’s comprehensive service offering.

What attracted you to specialising in this sector?
I have been interested in the online marketing world for many years now. I own my own affiliate websites, and like to think that I have entrepreneurial flair. I am attracted to the diversity and ever changing nature of the sector.

What would you say are the major influences currently shaping the SEO industry?
Mobile and tablet – mobile and tablet adoption rates have surged in the last few years, and we are seeing that people are doing their buying research on the move more and more. Mobile and tablet search optimization are increasingly becoming prominent features in SEO.

Speed of a site – Search engines now give consideration to page load times in their ranking decisions.

Social– A strong social footprint has developed to become another factor for search engine rankings. Although an individual link from a friend will not necessarily help, a strong following and shares from influential, trusted people is considered a positive signal by search engines.

What are your recommendations for getting best results with paid search, social media and conversion rates?

Paid search:


  • Create highly relevant, targeted landing pages and ad groups. The more niche and targeted you can make your ad groups, the better.
  • Select ‘exact’ match, to narrow your target pool and keep costs down.



Social Media:


  • Post content that merits being shared, don’t just self-promote
  • Engage your users and run quizzes or competitions.
  • Find the key influencers in your market and be nice to them!



Conversion Rates:


  • Give people as much information as possible about a product.
  • Use discount codes, promotional offers and a comparison of prices, to make people feel like they are getting the best deal.



Can you give us some words of wisdom for all of our publishers?
Offer your users a worthwhile proposition. In addition to driving repeat visitors and higher conversions, Google also aims to reward sites that offer quality information and a good user experience.

Furthermore, search engines aim to reward quality, content-rich sites that are highly relevant to a user’s query. In order to make content relevant, each page on a site should be highly focused to a particular term. Stop trying to rank for ‘clothes’, ‘computers’ or ‘chocolate’, and start trying to rank for ‘cocktail dresses’, ‘refurbished dell computers’ and ‘personalised chocolate’.

What would be the next step for those interested in finding out a bit more information about the SEO services offered at Affiliate Window?

Please send an email to or a tweet to @acquiretraffic.

Bear in mind, competition will be stiff so make sure you highlight why you think your site(s) would benefit from an expert’s opinion.

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