Affiliate Marketing – it’s not all fun and games you know…

February 13th, 2008

…Unless you happen to have been hanging around the Affiliate Window office this lunch time – that is! A brand new air hockey table and House of the Dead 2 arcade game were delivered to the break out area today. They join the existing Spiderman 3 pinball machine and pool table, making lunchtimes for us exceptionally more entertaining.

air hockey

The Spiderman 3 pinball machine that arrived in the first week of January has already proven to be a huge hit. Competition has been heated to say the least, but the present reigning champion is one of our designers Paul Blunden, with a jaw dropping score of 167,179,000. Incredible considering I can’t get past 20,000,000!

house of the dead

These games were chosen by and are courtesy of Kevin Brown – so a big thank you to Kevin for providing us with all the air hockeypinaballpoolzombieshootingarcade – goodness one company could ask for!

4 Responses to “Affiliate Marketing – it’s not all fun and games you know…”

  1. Shawn Collins Says:

    Wow – you guys have a fun setup over there.

    Living the solo affiliate life in my office, I have to settle for my PSP for break time entertainment. :-)

  2. Mark Pearson Says:

    Now im really jelious! I suggested one of them last week when I was down meeting you guys, can I come back again next week? :-)

  3. Deano Says:

    I can’t wait for them to set up the PS3 on the big screen – Guitar Hero 3 and PES2008 ftw!

  4. pedro Says:

    Correction! The high score is now 187,625,610. :)

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