85% of Affiliate Window Advertisers Tracking through Mobile Devices

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With the staggering growth in m-commerce over the past year, it has been a priority for us to ensure our advertisers are tracking through mobile devices. With Deloitte forecasting m-commerce will influence around £3.5bn in sales value this Christmas, it is increasingly vital this activity is tracked.

We have been tracking our mobile activity across the network for the past two years and provide regular monthly updates on this. Our latest stats indicate that 16% of traffic and 12% of transactions came through mobile devices. While these figures are inclusive of tablet devices, stripping these out to just focus on handsets puts these figures at 10% and 5% respectively.

With such a significant amount of traffic coming through mobile devices, it is essential that advertisers are tracking these sales.

The primary focus for us to date within the mobile arena has been to ensure our advertisers are tracking through mobile devices. With the vast amount of traffic that is now coming through mobile handsets it is essential this is tracked. We have put a number of checks in place to protect affiliates against the loss of commission for mobile sales and we will soon be rolling out additional controls to ensure this loss is minimised.

Looking at the detail, it’s important to understand how mobile sales track essentially in three ways:

- Optimised mobile site complete with affiliate tracking
- Optimised mobile site running off and tracking through the same domain
- No optimised mobile site, so sales track through a standard desktop site

16 of our top 20 revenue drivers for the network are tracking sales through mobile devices in one of these ways and we are working closely with the remaining advertisers in this group to ensure they are tracking through mobile devices.

Of the advertisers that do have a mobile optimised site, almost half of them are tracking sales through mobile handsets. Considering that a large proportion of our advertiser base does not have a mobile optimised site, we estimate that 85% of our advertisers are tracking sales through a mobile device and the majority of the largest revenue drivers for the network are included in this.

Last week across the network we tracked over 11,000 mobile transactions a day.

Mobile commerce continues to be a major priority for us as we focus on ensuring that our advertisers are tracking through mobile devices – be this through adding affiliate tracking to their optimised mobile site, or directing mobile traffic to their desktop site where a mobile version of the site or affiliate tracking is not available.

Our aim is to provide as much visibility as possible as to which of our advertisers are tracking through mobile devices. Currently we highlight every advertiser that has an optimised site complete with tracking. This will be expanded to highlight every advertiser that is tracking through mobile -whether this is through a mobile optimised site complete with full tracking, a mobile site that sits within the same domain as the desktop site, or where only a desktop version of the site is available.

By providing this information, affiliates will be able to exclude any advertiser that is not tracking through mobile from their sites/apps. With affiliates holding a significant amount of control over their traffic, advertisers not tracking mobile sales will suffer and this will hopefully create a sense of urgency for them to ensure they are tracking mobile sales.

While we wait for this functionality to be displayed within the interface, you can find a full version of this list here.
We will aim to update this list on a monthly basis.

With more consumers turning to mobile and more affiliate opportunities arising as a result, short-sighted advertisers that have neglected the importance of tracking affiliate activity will suffer.

Rest assured, we want to ensure our reputation as the leading affiliate network in the mobile space; we can only do this by focusing on our ongoing efforts to educate our advertisers.

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