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News: Affiliate Window wins Wayfair exclusively in the UK

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Thanks to their market-leading and innovative technology platform, affiliate marketing network Affiliate Window has won online home furnishing and décor retailer Wayfair exclusively in the UK.

Wayfair strives to provide affiliates in the network easy access to home goods all in one place. Focusing on the UK market, the affiliate programme will look to recruit a range of various affiliates in order to increase brand awareness to relevant audiences. They will have a sophisticated marketing team working with data scientists to apply data-led learnings that will optimise their affiliate programme.

Opportunity Marketplace: The Benefits for Advertisers

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tablet Opportunity Marketplace launched back in March 2015 as an online supermarket full of publisher offerings. For advertisers searching for opportunities which may not be visible in media packs, are slightly more niche or belonging to those publishers you don’t always have exposure to, it’s a fantastic chance to pick up your basket and start shopping.

Established as a marketplace where smaller publishers have the voice to express their offerings, Opportunity Marketplace is a goldmine for advertisers. Since it launched, 10,000 opportunities have been created with a 30% response rate, meaning the success is vast but the potential is even greater.

Publisher Newsletter 20th September 2016

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tabletLondon Fashion Week, a new webinar + we discuss the gap between social media and affiliate marketing

- The value of content publishers during fashion week

- Info on our upcoming webinar

- Google Manager explained in part two of our tech piece

- Discussing the gap between affiliate marketing and social media platforms

- Enter the IAB survey & win a ticket to the 2017 Performance Affiliate Conference

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The value of content publishers during fashion week

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weekly tipsBy Martha Farrell, Senior Account Manager

London Fashion Week (LFW) is the biggest event in the fashion industry in the UK. Held twice annually (in February and September) and boasting shows by some of the biggest brands in the industry such as Versace and Burberry, it is one of the “Big Four” fashion weeks along with New York, Milan and Paris. These events give brands the opportunity to showcase their latest collections, enticing editors and consumers.

For the performance channel, this presents a unique challenge for advertisers, as there is lots of excitement around the products, but most cannot be purchased by their customers at the time of the event. Advertisers must therefore promote rich and product-focused content that inspires consumer interaction and brand engagement – resulting in customers purchasing different product ranges that are available at the time of the show.