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Publisher Stories: Liz Walsh, TopDogDays

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trophyAs part of our ‘publisher stories’ campaign, we’re asking publishers to share their affiliate marketing journeys, to help highlight the benefits that being part of our industry can bring to budding entrepreneurs.

After being constantly on the lookout for new places to visit on a budget whilst managing a chain of childcare settings, Liz Walsh had an idea to start up Topdogdays, a website dedicated to sourcing the latest deals for top attractions and providing top tips. After two years of trading, Liz chose to use affiliate marketing as an additional revenue stream, allowing her to quickly reach and partner with more retailers.

New vs. Existing Customers White Paper

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whitepaperimageAs affiliate programmes mature, so marketers shift their focus to more qualitative measurements in order to determine success.

One such metric is the split of new versus existing customers that affiliates drive, with the data proving a popular performance indicator for advertisers. While many brands have been keen to monitor this split behind the scenes, there have been some recent high profile cases whereby advertisers have reduced the commission rates offered for existing customers.

Rewarding Influence within the Affiliate Channel

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computer mouseBy Matt Swan, Head of Business Intelligence

Affiliate marketing has traditionally been premised on a ‘last click wins’ business model. With this being the mechanism for payment, it is no surprise to see affiliate business models geared to generating the final click in the path to conversion. As a result we have seen the rise of incentivised traffic as well as retargeting and basket abandonment solutions. While these sites have been extremely effective at generating conversions, advertisers have been keen to see content sites play their part in driving early funnel traffic.

Some advertisers have looked at attribution solutions to reward affiliates for their influence while others have paid certain affiliates on a CPC model or a tenancy placement. The launch of our payment on assist model has allowed advertisers to work more closely with affiliates that have been identified as adding value in the earlier stages of the path to conversion.