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Making the Most of Q4

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magnifying_glassAs we move into the final quarter of the year, there’s only one thing on everyone’s mind – how can we round off the year successfully? At Affiliate Window, we are constantly striving to produce tools and solutions which will help you to be most effective during the busy festive season. Not working with us already? Become a Publisher or an Advertiser.

TheHub TheHub, our publisher portal, is a great way for our publishers and advertisers to communicate with transparency, keeping our publishers updated on Affiliate Window program launches, network news and latest promotions. Our advertisers and account managers actively keep TheHub current with everything you’ll need to know to run a successful affiliate campaign.Search for keywords and brands, as well as browse through the various categories in order to find the posts most relevant to your own site and activity. Additionally, access centralized news from the network, the industry calendar and publisher newsletter archive.Find more details on our blog and stay tuned for features and functionalities added over the coming months.
MyAWOur Google Chrome extension for publishers, MyAW adds a button to the Chrome toolbar which can be used when a publisher visits any Affiliate Window advertiser site, whether they are joined to the programs or not. Publishers can join programs, quickly generate shortened tracker links, ‘One-click’ share links on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus; generate custom URLs and generate links to specific product pages.In addition, the extension shows all the latest consumer offers and will highlight the exclusive coupons available to publishers. For those publishers with multiple accounts, ‘one-click’ account switch functionality has been added for ease of use. The plugin also offers a ‘one click’ deep link generator. You can see a live demo on our YouTube page.
Exclusive Voucher Codes Advertisers can now offer exclusive codes to publishers which are only visible to the chosen publisher. The code feed was modified to include the exclusive codes. Publishers who wish to include this detail in the feed are required to pull the new link from the discount codes page.In order to add greater transparency, our interface reveals to advertisers if a publisher uses an unauthorised exclusive code, as it will be marked red further highlighting which publisher should be credited with the transaction.Overall, you will find that the discount code pages (both for advertisers and publishers) have been improved to ensure a user friendly interface.
Batch Processing Transaction Queries Our market leading transaction query system hugely benefits both publishers and advertisers!Publishers can upload any number of claims with ease and efficiency by creating a csv of the transactions they wish to query and upload them all at once.It’s just as easy for advertisers too who can simply download the queried transactions, add the word ‘approved’ or ‘declined’ to them and then re-upload the file for processing. Better still, you can even amend the amounts of commission involved and our system will know to automatically apply any changes you make. Adding, reviewing and altering claims has never been so easy.
Mobile Tracking Ensured! Earlier this year, we launched an initiative to ensure advertisers without tracking on their mobile sites were diverting mobile traffic through to the desktop version of the site. While this did not lend itself to a seamless mobile customer experience, it meant publishers were being fairly rewarded for the sales they were driving through mobile handsets. This was put in place as an interim measure and as soon as advertisers add tracking to their mobile sites, all traffic will be sent back to the mobile site to ensure a fully optimized mobile customer journey.


We wish you great success this festive season. As always, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact us.Not already partnering with Affiliate Window? Become a Publisher or an Advertiser.

Guest Post: Red Letter Days

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Christmas 2013 Incentives

For the fifth year running we are very excited to announce our Christmas incentives, where one lucky publisher will receive a once in a lifetime trip. In previous years, we have seen the winner head off to Bali, South Africa, Beijing and last year – Rio!

Our top prize for 2013 is an all-inclusive trip to St Lucia for Two! Also up for grabs is a four night break in Barcelona, a Sony PS4 console with 40” Sony HD TV, guaranteed prizes at various sales tiers, plus hampers to be won just in time for Christmas. There has never been a better time than now to start promoting Red Letter Days.

TOP PRIZE: 7 Night all-inclusive trip to St Lucia for Two


This year’s top prize is an all inclusive trip to St Lucia in the Caribbean. You and your extremely lucky partner will enjoy seven nights on this fantastic island where you can take full advantage of the all inclusive offerings at the Coco Palm Hotel! Enjoy delicious food every day at the Koko Cabana or Creole Grille restaurant and take part in all kinds of activities while relaxing by the pool or on the beach. Included on this trip is a tour of the island where you will start with a drive to the Pitons, continue through the banana plantations and visit various fishing villages and tropical rainforests. Witness the Sulphur Springs and Morne Coubrail where you’ll see how a coconut is processed then take to the skies in an aerial tram and have a tour of the rainforest. You’ll get a birds eye view of the rainforest and it’s wildlife. Travel Insurance is also included!

SECOND Prize: 4 Night Break to Barcelona for Two

Making Sense of Mobile – Infographic

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infographic1Our next infographic looking at continued growth of mobile penetration in the UK, the latest mobile stats from the  network, and introducing new tools and opportunities for m-commerce through Affiliate Window is now available to download.

If you would like to discuss your mobile strategy, or would like to receive our monthly mobile updates, please get in touch with the Strategy Team.

Burton Moves towards an Omni-Channel Approach

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burton_logoWith the emergence of new technologies and rapidly changing consumer behaviour, it is important for advertisers to adopt an omni-channel approach; putting the customer at the heart of their strategy and empowering them to purchase in a seamless and convenient way. Whether this is online, in-store or via mobile, a channel neutral approach has significant benefits for advertisers as well as customers.

Menswear fashion brand, Burton recently launched an initiative across the performance channel to do just that. They were eager to enable consumers to choose where they would like to purchase. By providing two publishers with exclusive voucher codes entitling customers to 25% off their purchase (irrespective of where they purchased), they were able to increase brand exposure as well as footfall to their stores.

By providing customers with the choice of channels to purchase from, they saw some impressive results – online, through mobile and in-store. With the increased exposure given across the publishers sites, Burton saw a significant increase in activity. Affiliate traffic increased by 260% on the previous week while the offer also converted exceptionally well at 14.5% click to sale.

“The affiliate channel is important to Burton because we’re keen on getting more eyes on the Burton brand so customers realise the evolution of the brand. Partnering with our affiliates whilst running our 25% off event creates the opportunity to reach potential customers; once they arrive on site conversions are great!” – Charlotte Heleine, ECommerce Marketing Manager

During the week long promotion, Burton also increased sales by 395% online and via mobile devices through the performance channel. In addition to this, an integrated approach saw them generate an additional £55k in revenue from in store purchases.

The promotion also had a positive impact on average order values both in store and online. Prior to the offer being run, AOV in store stood at £25. During the promotional period this increased to £27.48. The affiliate channel also saw increased AOV online compared to Burton’s other online channels with an average order value of £50 through affiliates versus £47 for other channels.

“We run this event several times a year to drive customers in store to drive trade and share our newness for the season – offering the promotion through affiliates lets us share our brand with new audiences.” – Jonathan Greeno, Offline Marketing Manager

Adopting an omni-channel approach has seen Burton install functionality in store to ensure all sales generated through these publishers track in real time to monitor the effectiveness of the promotion. This enabled a smooth transaction process and ensured the correct partner was rewarded for the sales generated in store.

By providing consumers with the choice and convenience of where to purchase, Burton has successfully leveraged the performance channel to increase sales and drive additional revenue.

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