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Growth in mobile technologies; search innovations; attribution models; integration of multi-channel campaigns; increased regulation; and more sophisticated data aggregation – so many of the important topics being discussed within the industry today boil down to one key overall trend: Increased complexity. As performance marketing continues to develop and mature, the current stage of increased complexity and professionalisation seems to be characterised by new partnership models. Opportunities now often come in the form of publisher collaborations, white labels utilising publisher brand power, joint interest propositions or second tier affiliations.

While we will always ask ourselves whether we are getting the basics right, the growth in these forms of partnerships within the industry pose new questions for everyone involved. With the massive issue of the EU privacy directive still hanging over us, anything that decreases transparency could potentially raise accountability concerns, so what are the advantages of increasingly complex publisher partnerships for advertisers? If your brand is appearing on an affiliate site that is a brand in its own right, whose offer section is powered by another affiliate, whose data is powered by another affiliate, does this represent better efficiency through specialisation, or something we should be wary of.

Savvy shopping site Savoo, teamed up with trusted parenting portal Mumsnet last year to provide their users with targeted weekly deals and offers. We asked Savoo’s General Manager, Simon Bird what he felt were the factors driving the overall trend of established brands teaming up with publishers like themselves to create new monetisation streams.

Affiliate Window Expands Fashion Portfolio with

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Following the recent announcement that launched in the UK under an aggressive expansion strategy, today sees the brand exclusively partner with leading performance network Affiliate Window for its affiliate marketing activities. currently holds the title as the number 1 online fashion retailer in the Nordic Region with more than 10 million visits to its site every month. In September 2011, the brand expanded its sales to 20 new markets through the launch of the English version of the website which receives more than 75 million page views every month with 1.4 million unique visitors every week.

In 2011, more than 45,000 products were launched on with up to 300 new products being introduced every day proving the value and necessity for a thorough online marketing strategy to include performance marketing activities. The European affiliate programme managed by Affiliate Window’s sister network, zanox has seen exponential growth since launch in 2011. has ambitious plans for the UK launch and on-going success of the brands online strategy.

A World of Adventures with

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Over 35 affiliates from across the globe (or in the London area); network staff itching to go on the log flume; a delicious BBQ lunch; a challenging treasure hunt – all this can only mean one thing – the affiliate fun day!

Being one of the most established travel programmes around, the lowcosttravelgroup know how hard their affiliates work, and that they need to let their hair down and have a break once in a while, so they treated a bunch of them (and some lucky network staff) to a fantastic day out at Chessington World of Adventures last Friday.

After meeting in the Wild Asia section of the park, we were swiftly divided into teams to begin our treasure hunt challenge. Having to navigate ourselves around the park, finding clues and answering questions along the way, which started as a bit of fun, soon turned into competitive mindsets, and even hiding answer sheets when bumping into ‘The Enemy’ a.k.a our colleagues?

SuperGames Team Profile: E-tailwebstores

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Over half the team spaces at SuperGames have now been filled which means we have plenty of champions in the making to showcase. With the Criteo Tangerines still fresh in our minds, we speak to the latest group of renegades taking on the challenge of our sports tournament – Kate Gurney tells us why she believes the E-tailwebstores team will walk away with the trophy…


Team Name: E-tailwebSTARS
Team Colours: Maroon, White and Silver
Team Composition: Girl Boy Girl Boy Girl Boy Girl
Most Unbeatable Player: Sheila, she’s 5ft and can run through legs

Q. Who is your sporting inspiration? / Which sports people do you hope to emulate across the tournament?
A. Ashrite Furman who has the record for the fastest mile hopping on a pogo stick whilst juggling three balls. Or Balotelli – it’s hard to choose.

Q. Aside from SuperGames, what is your favourite sporting event of the year?
A. The World Toe Wrestling Competition based in Derby – it’s fiercely competitive

Q. In which of the five sports to do you expect to gain the highest and lowest points?
A. Sheila to win Table Tennis as it’s in her genes (Dad is a Table Tennis Champion). We might struggle at Bowls, we’re all too young to be good at it.  

Under Armour Gears Up for Performance Marketing Launch

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Under Armour, the originator of performance sports apparel, launches an exclusive affiliate programme in the UK with leading performance marketing network, Affiliate Window. Under Armour is renowned for its branded performance attire, footwear, and accessories and sells products worldwide worn by athletes at all levels, from youth to professional, on playing fields around the globe.

The brand is committed to driving international growth and expansion in key global markets including Europe, Asia, and the Americas. To support this plan, Under Armour’s digital strategy includes expanding ecommerce activities in the UK and growing a successful performance marketing channel worldwide. The affiliate programme launch coincides with the brand’s current campaign, New Battles. New Armour. which highlights the performance advantages of Under Armour products. Beyond footwear and apparel, Under Armour offers a variety of accessories, including performance gloves, bags, headgear, socks, eyewear, and mouth guards, making product promotion through affiliates a highly lucrative endeavour.

SuperGames Team Profile: Criteo

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One saying goes that three’s a crowd, but at SuperGames it’s the more the merrier! Having introduced you to the teams from Savoo and Quidco, we’re delighted to welcome aboard team #3 from the performance retargeting wizards at Criteo. Following their addition to the lineup, we spoke to Phil Raby to get the inside track.


Team Name: Criteo Tangerines
Team Colours: Orange
Team Composition: 6 males – 2 females
Most Unbeatable Player: Marc Thomas

Q. Who is your sporting inspiration? / Which sports people do you hope to emulate across the tournament?
A. Tiger Woods – easily the most talented sportsman of this generation

Q. Aside from SuperGames, what is your favourite sporting event of the year?
A. World Series of Poker

Q. In which of the five sports to do you expect to gain the highest and lowest points?
A. Table Tennis