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UPDATE #2: Transaction Processing

Written by Sam Surry on . Posted in Network News, Publisher Tips, Technology

Following our post last night and our ongoing thread on the A4U, we wanted to update our customers on the current delays with transaction processing.

Unfortunately we are still experiencing delays with our transaction processing, which we are currently working to resolve. The delays differ between merchants as we have been able to process some data faster than others. The delays currently vary between four and five hours. We expect this to remain at five hours until after 22:00 this evening when it will reduce down until things are fully caught up at around 05:00 tomorrow.

As always our tracking is unaffected. Our development teams will continue to keep a close eye on the systems and if needed we will update you again.

Apologies to all of our clients for the inconvenience this will have caused and many thanks for your continued patience.

Clintons Launches First Ever Affiliate Programme Just in Time for Christmas

Written by Lisa Chaikin on . Posted in PR & Press Releases

Specialist greeting card retailer, Clintons has exclusively appointed  performance network Affiliate Window for the launch of their first ever affiliate programme. Offering an extensive range of quality greeting cards, personalised gifts, and over 8,000 products to choose from online, Clintons is in a fantastic position to maximise its online presence through the performance channel.

Through the partnership with Affiliate Window, a core focus for the programme will be to drive traffic to the newly launched personalisation site, while highlighting innovative new product launches. This includes the exclusively owned celebrity fastcard vouchers where customers can send entertaining celebrity video greetings with one click, as well as offering special offers on a range of exciting experience days.

UPDATE: Transaction Processing

Written by Sam Surry on . Posted in Network News, Publisher Tips, Technology

For the last couple of weeks our technical development team has been working on increasing the speed of transaction processing.

The necessary work was completed this morning, however in solving this issue we have identified another; the processing script is now so fast that our databases are falling out of sync due to the volume of transactions we’re processing.

Investigatory work by the developers has revealed that Product Level Tracking is causing a bottleneck. The only way to ensure that all other transaction reports are kept up-to-date is to switch off PLT processing and run this just once a day, until we have found a permanent fix.

We expect the solution to take at least a week to implement and until then Product Performance reports for merchants will be updated once every 24 hours at 03:00. All transactions (including PLT) will continue to track normally and no data will be lost.

We will update you on this issue as soon as we can and in the meantime ask that all questions are routed through your normal account contacts or our Technical Services team.

Christmas prize draws: Week five

Written by Sarah on . Posted in Network News

Week Five – Adventuly

Hopefully you’re getting the hang of searching for our Christmas presents because this week, we’ve hidden another one for you to find. Inside is this week’s prize, another must-have gadget to help Christmas come early, the BLACKBERRY PlayBook Tablet PC!

The image of a Christmas present in our brand colours (orange & red) is lurking somewhere in TheHub itself to be sought out by our intrepid publishers. When it is discovered, you are one click away from a chance to win. The gift image you are looking for could be anywhere on this site – apart from on this page! It will appear on the morning of Tuesday 29th November and can click on it to enter your ID/handle into this week’s prize draw until 4th December.

Publisher Christmas Competitions: Week Four

Written by Sarah on . Posted in Network News

Week Four – Never too old

No matter how grown-up you consider yourself for the rest of the year, Christmas is a time to act like a big kid. We reckon that the latest game is still secretly at the top of everyone’s wish list. This week we’re giving our publishers a chance to win another must-have gadget that will be bring out the play within us all. If you remember thinking that the Game Boy was the ultimate in portable gaming, prepare for the future to, literally, jump out at you! This week, our prize draw brings you a chance to win a Nintendo 3DS (in Frosty-the-snowman white of course) plus three great games to start off the fun.

Rise of the Super-Promotion

Written by Sarah on . Posted in Interview

‘Tis the season of good will to all – a time when giving is on our minds just as much as shopping! It’s no surprise that at this festive time of year advertisers often use rewarding incentives to grab the attention of the publisher community. Naturally, it is important that seasonally relevant programmes are as visible as possible, ensuring that they optimise their promotion. Investing in a competition or performance-based incentive exclusively for publishers can allow advertisers to get a tailored message out as well as giving something back to those who have supported their brand throughout the year.

While most advertisers use a commission increase or bonus scheme to provide an extra push, more and more brands are investing in eye-catching super-promotions to support their Christmas campaigns. Keeping their brand at the front of their minds, industry innovators, Buyagift, have chosen to invest in an annual incentive for their publishers for the last six years, that promises the experience of a life time. A big claim for a competition limited to the performance marketing channel, but one that has legitimately captured the imagination of the whole industry. With the tree up and activity building we decided to investigate the trend towards big-splash affiliate promotions in more detail.