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Prezzybox Consolidates to Affiliate Window

Written by Lisa Chaikin on . Posted in PR & Press Releases

Prezzybox is gearing up for their 10 year anniversary on September 14th and the celebration includes the consolidation of their affiliate programme to Affiliate Window. Best known for their vast array of wacky yet wonderful gifts and gadgets, Prezzybox has established themselves as the online gift solution specialists. Utilising a strong working relationship with Affiliate Window since 2002, they have consistently been an innovative, proactive and approachable retailer and the network is thrilled to be given the opportunity to continue driving their affiliate business forward on an exclusive basis.

The migration coincides with some exciting changes to their affiliate programme including DOUBLE commission of 20% for the first week of September in conjunction with a variety of new and improved creative.

Claire Theobald, Head of Account Development at Affiliate Window comments: “I am delighted that Prezzybox have chosen to consolidate their affiliate activity with Affiliate Window as we have worked very closely with Zak and his enthusiastic team over the years, watching the programme grow from strength to strength. We look forward to implementing new strategies in conjunction with fantastic affiliate incentives through the festive season.”

Zak Edwards, Managing Director at Prezzybox added: “We believe Affiliate Window is THE de facto affiliate network. Their skills in account management and proactive approach to affiliate marketing is superb. It therefore makes perfect sense for us to work exclusively with them. To be honest, it’s a natural progression. We’ve seen AWin grow from a tiny acorn to the network they are now, which dominates the affiliate space. We’re looking to really push on as a business and ‘reach the next level.’ This means maximising all of our resource and marketing efforts and we feel we are best placed to do this with AWin.”

For more information on their 10 year Anniversary plans, visit the Affiliate Window Offers Blog.

Be sure to visit our blog again tomorrow when the Prezzybox case study goes live; discussing how clever use of co-branded landing pages & voucher codes can benefit affiliate programmes.

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Attention Affiliates: Amended Commissions Report

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We are happy to announce that there is a new report available within your affiliate administration area.  The report is an upgrade to the interface to make the current manual commission process more efficient and is called Amended Commissions.

This feature provides an increased level of visibility over the process that is currently in place when a merchant needs to decline part of a transaction.  Previously, if a customer cancelled part of an order, the merchant would have to decline the entire transaction and then add a manual commission for the legitimately purchased products.  This method proved inefficient for merchants and when viewed by affiliates led to a severe amount of declines; the new functionality means that you will be able to view the changes under the same transaction, seeing both the before and after amounts, as opposed to a new one being created.

If you have any questions, require any additional information, or would like to offer your suggestions for the amended commissions report, please contact

August Strategy News

Written by Kirsty Grimes on . Posted in AWin Advice

August produced some welcome news for online marketers in general. The latest IMRG-Capgemini figures for online sales in July recorded the highest growth since before the recession in 2007, with £5bn spent online. This represents an increase of 18% on last July and 14% on June.

eCommera’s research into the scale of online retail growth brought out some interesting headline figures. 42.6% of UK consumers buy something online every week, with an average spend per month of £71. The report also reveals some interesting attitudinal findings: over 60% of respondents citing the availability of deals as the reason they choose to shop online.

econsultancy published its research into the habits and attitudes of online shoppers with some interesting findings on email and voucher code engagement. 61% of respondents named email as their preferred method for receiving offers, with 35% saying they bought something online because of an email they received. Another report by email marketers earlier in August identified the most effective sectors for email as restaurants and B2B.

econsultancy’s report also found that 60% of respondents had used an online voucher code in the last 12 months and that free shipping was the most popular motivation for 82% of shoppers surveyed. This finding is complemented by a separate piece of research in August by Experian and Cheetah into last year’s pre-Christmas shopping in the US. Free delivery with no minimum spend produced transaction rates of 70% and, intriguingly, free delivery offers were the even more popular than percentage off or money off discounts.

On 14th September Google will remove restrictions on using brand trademarks in ad text in Europe as it has already in the US. This can be seen as an extension of Google’s decision in May 2008 to no longer enforce or restrict bidding on brand trademarks but follows specifically from recent judgments by the European Court of Justice. The planned changes have elicited differing reactions in the online community, a selection of which can be read here, here and here.

Written by Owen Hewitson, Client Strategist.

Groupon: The Fastest Growing Company

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Once we read the Forbes article honouring one of our merchants, Groupon as the fastest growing company EVER, we decided to catch up with Jonathan Mann, Online Marketing Manager & Haris Malik, Affiliate Manager to get the scoop on the latest news and plans for the high-climbing brand.

Being named the fastest growing company in web history is quite an achievement. How will this accolade affect your business going forward and are there any big plans in the pipeline?

We will continue to move fast, grow strategically, and expand our marketing reach wherever we can. We’ve built our reputation on this, and are known here in the UK as one of the fastest growing merchants (especially on Awin!). Our modus operandi is simple, really: do more of what’s working, and do it better. This is why we’ve grown so phenomenally quickly on the local and international level.

Groupon US are in the process of launching personalised deals, whereby customers’ demographic information and buying history are used to tailor offers to individual users. This will allow several offers to be issued on the same day. In addition, they are looking at issuing deals through Twitter’s new EarlyBird service. These are two opportunities we will be looking at in the UK in the near future.

What differentiates Groupon from its competitors and what attributes of your business model make the company such a success?

We were the original: the inventors and pioneers of the group-buying model. This means we have the most comprehensive in-house knowledge at how best to apply the model, and find the best deals that benefit both our customers and partners. On top of this, we relentlessly adapt and perfect our offer as the market continues to evolve.

In addition, there is a significant gap between the reach we have and the smaller-scale opportunities that our competitors can offer our merchant partners. We have global capacity, and keep on expanding. This is based on a happy melange of specific local knowledge and a robust offer engine that can handle the volume that we are famous for producing.

We tend to be a useful resource for our competitors; they use us as the barometer of the market. We saw this recently when a competitor pretty much copied and pasted our affiliate promotion with only minor changes. There’s nothing like flattery!

How does the affiliate channel fit within Groupon’s overall marketing strategy?

The affiliate channel is deeply important to what we’re trying to achieve. Our offers are diverse in price and nature, and therefore are best run across a variety of verticals. Affiliate marketing allows us to achieve on a larger scale, and in the most efficient manner possible.

Aside from affiliates, we do very well with display ads, PPC, and on our thriving social media channels. As is the case with any merchant, our marketing channels complement each other, and work well to provide a useful mix in the online space. Because users see our banners and ads in such a diverse range of places, this helps significantly with brand awareness, which – as our affiliates well know – expresses itself through higher conversion rates.

All these elements combine to drive word of mouth and viral marketing – which is in turn catalysed by a sense of urgency stemming from the 24 hour model. News of deals spreads unbelievably quickly amongst friends, colleagues etc, and this is a huge component of our customer acquisition.

In a sector that’s recently seen a lot of new merchants utilise affiliate marketing why should affiliates make Groupon their group buying programme of choice?

The best advice is to be choosy who you work with. Ultimately, it boils down to whether the brand converts for you. We have generated very high conversion rates for our affiliates, simply because our products are so strongly discounted, and because they are the best available. We don’t run things that we don’t think will sell. Our pre-sales process is extremely selective, and with a different deal per city per day, the sheer variety of what’s available is deeply attractive for our affiliates. We have a higher turnaround of deals, whereas other group buying programmes may run their main deals over two or three days.

If you look not-so-carefully at the sales numbers displayed on our front end, you will note that our deals are always exceptionally popular, and that we tend to sell hundreds tend if not thousands more products on a daily basis than our nearest competitors. This, to my mind, is the big differentiator: the deal quality is always high, so the volume sold is always high.

For those affiliates who are not currently promoting your programme, what steps are you taking to more intelligently target new partners?

It’s all about segmentation. We are actively seeking out sites whose demographic fit our own. We have a very busy business development aspect to our programme, as a lot of our affiliates know. We only work with people who we think are suitable in terms of site traffic and demographic. You can be a small site operator and still earn good money with us as a result. We value the quality of the publisher as much as the volumes received, so we like to be as focused as possible when we set up new affiliate relationships.

For More information on the Groupon Affiliate Programme or to become an affiliate, click here.

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Guest Post: Sky Launch a New Kind of Datafeed

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Datafeeds have historically been associated as a retail and travel heavy necessity for affiliate programmes, however this assumption is now a thing of the past.

Helen Southgate, Online Marketing Senior Manager from Sky has provided us with a guest blog post discussing how datafeeds are relevant and beneficial to their business, changing the way that customers purchase exclusively in the affiliate channel.

What have we done?

  • We have created a data feed of all the different product combinations that a consumer can purchase through Sky
  • Quite astoundingly there are nearly 20,000 combinations that a customer can choose!

Why have we done this?

  • We know that the consumer purchase decision is complicated and we want to try and simplify this through the affiliate channel.
  • We want to create a slightly different route to purchase, for example:
  • - Allow customers to select a monthly fee first, filtering data to display the packages recommended in this price bracket; or
  • - Allow customers to select a channel/programme they want to watch  thereby displaying all relevant package suggestions.
  • We are confident that affiliates have the ability to convert customers better and want to be able to provide them with tools to do this on their sites.

What are the opportunities for affiliates?

  • This will be exclusive to the affiliate channel initially.  It will not be available on our website or through any other media channel.
  • You can use the feed to create best selling packages or your own individual package selector.
  • You can deep link straight into the basket, pre-populating with the chosen combinations.

What is next?

  • From the feed we are now creating dynamic widgets and creative that all affiliates can use so you don’t necessarily need to be technically minded to benefit from the data feed.
  • Watch this space for further updates on this.

What do we want now?

  • We want some affiliates to test the feed, play around with it, see what they can do, and feedback their thoughts to us.
  • Let us know what you would like to see, what would work on your site and what would help you drive more customers.

For further information or if you have any questions, please contact:

Helen Southgate
Online Marketing Senior Manager


BeCheeky Closes on Linkshare to Work Exclusively with Affiliate Window

Written by Lisa Chaikin on . Posted in PR & Press Releases

BeCheeky, the UK based lingerie and swimwear retailer, has consolidated their affiliate programme to partner exclusively with Affiliate Window. Having originally launched on Affiliate Window in 2005, the stylish and sexy brand was not only a novice to the affiliate space but also to e-commerce, with a new transactional website.

With a 2008 site re-launch providing a more fashion driven appearance and increased functionality, BeCheeky decided to employ a multi-network strategy. By launching an affiliate programme on Linkshare in 2009 they hoped to work with additional affiliate partners and engage a larger share of online shoppers. Within a short time it became evident that this approach did not provide BeCheeky with the uplift they had expected, and they elected to dissolve their contract.

Justine Wyness, Managing Director at BeCheeky comments; “Affiliate Window has been fantastically supportive in growing our affiliate program and re-building sales lost from switching networks. Their easy-to-use technology and clear reporting reduces the amount of time we spend on admin while allowing us to communicate much more effectively with our affiliates. Overall, besides being a lovely bunch to work with, our ROI from the channel is far superior to other networks we have worked with; making the decision to move back to Affiliate Window as sole network an easy one.”

Anthony Clements, Director of Client Services at Affiliate Window adds; “We are delighted that BeCheeky have decided to consolidate exclusively to Affiliate Window. This partnership will allow us to work more effectively to grow their campaign, and most importantly ensure it is delivering positive results in terms of both volume and ROI. Our aim moving forward will be to ensure BeCheeky’s affiliate strategy is implemented correctly on a day-to-day basis, helping to manage their current affiliate partners, while also introducing them to new content affiliates who will build the value of the programme.”

Since its inception five years ago, has expanded its site and range of sleek and stylish products to now include lingerie sets, bras, knickers, boyshorts, corsets, basques, bikinis and swimsuits ensuring there’s something suitable for all personal tastes and pocket sizes.

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