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New Settings in Darwin

Written by Lisa Chaikin on . Posted in Network News, Technology

Thank you to all affiliates who have completed their Darwin profiles and provided us with feedback on the latest developments within the interface. We are pleased to say that we have taken several ideas on board and will continue to update and make improvements based upon your suggestions.

Next week we will be deploying the new settings area in Darwin. The latest changes will provide a detailed breakdown of all settings, improving usability and functionality.

Originally each section contained multiple elements; they are now listed separately, each element on its own page, to make editing profile information a much simpler process. The improved dropdown menu also offers easier access to each of the customisable pages.

If you have any questions regarding these new features, please speak to a member of the Darwin team.

Affiliate Window Introduces the AWin Index for Affiliates

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Update 29/01/10: Due to the vast amount of user feedback and suggested enhancements, we will be delaying the release of the Affiliate AWin Index until we have implemented improvements and additional levels of functionality. We foresee this to be available within the next 3-4 weeks but will keep you updated as soon as we have a definitive date.

Chris Giddins, Product Director

Following the success of the merchant AWin Index and the support it has received from the affiliate community, Affiliate Window are pleased to announce the extension of this insightful tool.

In the next phase of the Darwin Affiliate Directory, due to be released next week, we will be launching the AWin Index performance metric for affiliates.

Similar to the existing merchant index, the affiliate index represents an individual performance score for each affiliate, for every sector that they promote. It will be calculated based upon five key factors deriving a value between 0 – 100. These include: click volume, transaction volume, conversion rate, affiliate type, and number of merchants promoted within a sector. The number is calculated on the previous three months worth of transactional data. For those affiliates who have been on the network for less than three months, no score will appear; rather they will be identified as ‘new’ until post three months activity.

Specific performance values that make up the index, such as click volume, transaction volume, conversion rates and the number of merchants promoted in a sector, will not be disclosed to merchants. However merchants will have the standard visibility of an affiliate’s performance on the merchant’s own programme.

Affiliate AWin Index scores will be available to view next week.  You can view how they will be displayed immediately on your affiliate profile page.

If you have any questions regarding the affiliate AWin Index or would like further details, please contact the Darwin Team.


Why did Affiliate Window include an affiliate AWin Index?
Affiliate Window developed the affiliate AWin Index to provide merchants with a metric to gauge the performance and value that an affiliate could add to their programme.

The affiliate AWin Index scores also improve the results that are displayed within a directory of affiliates; allowing those that drive performance and value and who have a strong affiliate AWin Index score to appear higher within the directory results.

What factors are used to decide the score?
For each programme an affiliate promotes, a score is calculated using an algorithm that uses the affiliate’s own values for click volume, transaction volume, conversion rate and also a value that is attributed dependent on the affiliate’s primary promotion type. These values are calculated against the number of programmes an affiliate is promoting in a particular sector.

How can affiliates improve their affiliate AWin Index score?
By improving their conversion rate and the number of clicks and transactions that they generate for each programme in a sector. Also, significant improvements to a score can come from the number of merchant programmes an affiliate is promoting in any given sector.

Does the affiliate AWin Index score favour the affiliates who make the most money for Affiliate Window?
No, the affiliate AWin Index gives a greater score to those who drive performance based on a number of factors. The biggest factor taken into consideration is the affiliate’s conversion rate. Therefore, an affiliate who converts really well has the opportunity to get a score similar or even higher than an affiliate who generates more transaction volume at a lesser conversion rate.

How can I see what my affiliate AWin Index scores are?
An affiliate’s AWin Index scores for each sector that they promote are visible on the ‘Performance’ tab on the affiliate’s own profile page. Affiliates will need a Darwin account and will need to have linked their affiliate account to their Darwin account to access their affiliate profile.

Who can see my affiliate AWin Index scores?
Currently, only you and the merchants on the Affiliate Window network can see your scores. We do plan to make this information available for all Affiliate Window Darwin users to see, including other affiliates, as this replicates the transparency available to merchants.

It is unlikely that merchants will decide whether or not to work with an affiliate by AWin Index score alone; how your profile looks, the content you include to support this, web-site content and your specialism will all have a bearing. Naturally, some affiliates may have concerns about this ‘open’ approach and we would welcome their feedback.

Can merchants see the performance figures that make up the score?
Merchants can only see the overall score for an affiliate’s performance in a sector. The actual values making up the index, such as click volume, transaction volume, conversion rates and the number of merchants promoted in a sector, will not be disclosed to merchants. However merchants will have the standard visibility of an affiliate’s performance on the merchant’s own programme.

Will merchants just focus on the highest scoring AWin Index affiliates?
It largely depends what the merchant is trying to achieve. If they are successful they may already know who the top performers are and ultimately may be looking for strong middle tier opportunities. Alternatively they may be looking for niche long tail partners who specialise in a particular sector. Ask yourself this; do you just choose the merchants you promote based on their AWin Index score alone or is this just another factor for consideration amongst many?

What makes a good affiliate AWin Index?
Affiliate performance that shows a good conversion rate for the merchants you promote obviously scaled by the volume you drive. Cross sector performance will also help if you diversify your portfolio.

Can other networks see who the top performing affiliates are?
Possibly, but a top sector performer on one network may not be the same on another.

Red Letter Days Winners Announced

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After three months of blood, sweat and tears from various Red Letter Days affiliates who drove amazing sales at Christmas, the time has come to announce the winners of the incredible holiday prizes including 7 nights in Bali and two European city breaks.

Winner of 7 nights in Bali!

Every week from October 19th, 2009, RLD came up with new ways for affiliates to win extra entries into the Bali prize draw, and they’d like to thank everyone who kept going the extra mile week after week to earn more chances to win.

We’re delighted to announce that the much-envied winner of 7 nights for two in Bali is:

Freemax Media

You can see this thrilling prize draw in action on YouTube

Runner-up prizes – European City Breaks

In addition, there are two runner-up prizes of a weekend city break where the winners’ can choose their holiday location (Cannes, Venice or Barcelona).

The first prize is awarded to the creator of the best Red Letter Days landing page. This was judged by a panel of Red Letter Days staff and industry heavyweights Pete Rowe and Kevin Edwards, representing the two affiliate networks affilinet and Affiliate Window.

The prize was been awarded to

David Fiske, Proper Presents
Check out David’s winning landing page

The judges noted the integration David has done with the video and the locations, which covers off all the main information simply and quickly, and within an attractive and easy to navigate format.

Congratulations David!

The second winner was drawn from a pool of the top 5 most improved affiliates from last year (based on the uplift achieved on sales results from 1 October to 31 December 2008 to the same period in 2009) and the top 5 best new affiliates (signed up on or after 15 September 2009).

The winner of this prize has driven fantastic results for Red Letter Days and certainly deserves a relaxing weekend break:

British Retail

Check out the prize draw in action on YouTube

Congratulations to our holiday prize winners – truly well deserved!

Red Letter Days Contact Details:
Phone Joshna on 07918 632814 or Angela on 07918 747455
MSN or

Interact With Affiliate Window

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As the social networking buzz continues to dominate marketing efforts, we wanted to remind everyone that Affiliate Window has fully embraced the benefits of social media and are actively participating through a variety of portals.

Facebook: If you’re not already a fan of the Affiliate Window Facebook page, then click here to join. Stay informed of all the latest news; this page is updated daily with every facet of AWin life including our latest ad campaigns, event photos, charitable efforts, and blog posts. Interact with us by adding your comments, selecting the things you ‘like’ and uploading your own ‘fan content’.

Twitter: With nearly 1,800 followers, the @AffWin Twitter account is our most heavily followed brand extension. Continually maintained and updated, we relish the opportunity to engage with our partners through this real-time communication tool. Start following us here.

Linked-In: Our company profile is available through LinkedIn and over 60 of our employees have their own personal page. With both the company blog and Twitter account feeding into this networking tool, you can simultaneously interact with AW connections and keep abreast of what’s going on within the company. To view our profile click here.

You Tube: Check out videos from our memorable black tie events; An Elaborate Execution (2009), Nakama (2008) and The Vaudeville Experience (2007), along with numerous clips from the 2008 Raffle Bonanza.

Flickr: Flicking through photos is so much more fun than simply reading about something, so we continually update our account with images that document life at Affiliate Window. From our annual black tie events, company trips, Christmas Challenges, staff parties, training seminars and other industry gatherings; we consider our company camera an essential piece of kit.

ebay: Though ebay is not considered a social networking platform, we wanted to remind you that we have recently re-launched our charity ebay page where all proceeds go to The Princes Trust. Check out what’s on auction here and if you are interested in donating any BRAND NEW items to us, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line at

For more information please contact:

Lisa Chaikin
PR Manager, Affiliate Window

t: 020 7553 0333

Expanding into Ireland

Written by Kevin Edwards on . Posted in Network News

One noticeable industry shift in 2009 was the marked increase in the number of Irish affiliate programmes launching in the UK. The latest here on Affiliate Window is Irish Ferries (MID: 2681), a great new addition to our ever burgeoning collection of travel campaigns.

With that in mind we’re now endeavouring to build and strengthen relationships with Irish affiliates and affiliates with Irish traffic.

Having visited Ireland a couple of times last year to find out more about the opportunities there it’s clear it’s a market that offers great potential and network side we’ve seen a number of UK affiliates expand their offering into Ireland.

Another campaign you might not be aware of is Travelodge Ireland, bundled into the main Travelodge UK programme (MID 1586). This is currently a hidden programme so you’ll need to drop me an email to find out more. Unlike the main Travelodge programme there is plenty of flexibility with commissions based on the opportunity. Travelodge currently operates eleven hotels in Ireland.

Other programmes you may be interested in if you have Irish traffic are Schuh Ireland (MID 2165), Pixmania Ireland (MID 1835), M&M Direct Ireland (MID 2606) and Imagine Ireland (MID 2593).

As well as a number of standalone Irish programmes, we also have dozens of merchants who deliver to Ireland so if you’re interested drop us a line to get hold of the list.

Kevin Edwards,
Strategy Director

Incorporating Your Affiliate Programme Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy with Digital Jam

Written by Kirsty Grimes on . Posted in Events, Network News

Today Affiliate Window ran an exciting new training course in association with My Digital JAM. The one-day training course, Incorporating Your Affiliate Programme Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy, aims to help merchants think about how to integrate their Affiliate Marketing programme into their wider channel mix.

The course addresses challenges such as creative strategy, channel integration, measurement (with particular emphasis on attribution) and budget allocation for optimising channels. Plus, today dealt with some of the challenges merchants are currently faced with, including sharing sensitive data on customers, marketing plans and product releases, as well as how to manage and develop deeper relationships with affiliate partners.

The course is hosted by James Matthewson, founder of My Digital Jam LTD. James has a wealth of experience in digital media and worked with the likes of the BBC, Royal Mail, Nectar Points and News International.

According to Cath Higgs from MandMDirect James possessed an “extensive knowledge and experience in digital marketing” and that his “experience meant questions could be applied to situations”.

If you missed out this time around then don’t panic as Digital Jam will be back in Affiliate Window on the 19th April. The fee for this one day training course is £500 + VAT, however Affiliate Window are subsidising half of this cost for our merchants. Therefore, the total cost to you is £250 + VAT. Places are limited so book yours now to avoid disappointment. For more information please contact Hayley Short at