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The Latest AWin Reporting Improvements

Written by Sam Surry on . Posted in Network News, Technology

At Affiliate Window our aim is to continuously improve the service we offer our partners by listening to their feedback. On the back of recent suggestions and requests the developments below are now available via the AWin interface.

For Affiliates

Click Ref Report
Affiliates can now identify all the transactions associated with a particular click reference. By clicking on the ‘Sales’ value a ‘Commission Report’ will generate a list of transactions occurring during the specified time. These transactions will have derived from a link containing the specified click reference.


This report will allow affiliates to look in detail at transactions that have occurred from a particular clickref to identify the referrer URLs for the transaction/clickref. This is useful for affiliates who want to see the clickrefs that are driving sales on particular pages on their sites.

Discount Codes
Affiliates can now see all the merchants offering discount codes, including merchants that the affiliate is not joined to. The discount code is hidden for any merchant where membership does not exist, but all other relevant information is available.


At the top of the page affiliates are presented with two URLs. These can be used by the affiliate to download a filtered (based on their criteria) or unfiltered CSV file containing all the information. This will be useful if an affiliate wishes to access this data without logging into the system.

For Merchants

Product Performance Report
Merchants with product level tracking can now identify any affiliate responsible for a transaction that includes a specified product. Clicking the ‘Product ID’ or ‘Product Name’ will generate a breakdown of all the affiliates who have sold the selected product.



This information will allow merchants to monitor which affiliates generate the most sales of a specific product, as well as analysing the effects of single product promotion on affiliate sites.

Affiliate Rejection Email
A merchant can now specify the reason they have for rejecting an affiliate from joining the programme. This reason will be included within a template email that will be automatically sent to the affiliate.


This will offer affiliates greater transparency when having their applications denied and also foster better working relationships between merchants and affiliates.

If you have any questions about the additions to our reporting suite or would like to suggest further improvements please drop us a line at

Samantha Leigh
Head of Communications

Affiliate Get Together London 2009

Written by Kevin Edwards on . Posted in Events

One of the unique aspects of our industry is just how many people there are involved in making affiliate marketing work. As well as the merchant, network and potential agency any campaign could have hundreds of active affiliates contributing to its success.

It’s for that reason that networking has always played such a crucial part in affiliate marketing’s success. Therefore it’s easy to see why the latest affiliate get together proved so popular when it was held in London last month.

This is the second such event that’s been held in the last year and judging by feedback received will almost certainly not be the last.

For those who have been in the industry a few years these events are a welcome reminder of the old style pub meets and for affiliate newcomers they provide an informal opportunity to put faces to names and help forge stronger business relationships.

The initial idea came from a casual email to the rest of the major UK affiliate networks asking whether we should all put a small amount into a bar tab and hire a central London bar for the night. That was last summer and such was its success ten networks again agreed to run another event in March this year.

This time around we decided to see if there was merchant interest and five sponsors stepped up to the mark to swell the tab. Affiliate Programme Advice,, Vodafone, Clash Media all threw their weight behind the get together, with Red Letter Days offering a raffle prize.

With over 300 people passing through the doors on the night there was an excellent mix of people from all sectors and areas of the industry. Compared to the last event when there was a significant affiliate bias it was really refreshing to see so many new agencies and merchants register interest.

There is undoubtedly a need for these events and next time it’ll be a little bigger and a little better. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and the question everybody seems to be asking is when the next one will be. We’re aiming for late summer, early autumn. So if you’re reading this and you’re volunteering your services, resources or money then drop us a line and we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

New Affiliate Tool: Product Performance Report

Written by Sarah on . Posted in Network News, Technology

Affiliate Window are pleased to announce the launch of their latest addition to the affiliate reporting suite; the Product Performance Report. This new tool allows us to offer product level reporting directly to affiliates via the affiliate interface.

Any merchant with product level tracking integrated on their website can choose to share this data with their entire affiliate base. In much the same way as the merchant ‘Product Performance Report’, affiliates will have an overview of the products purchased in the transactions driven by them.

Details within the report include:
* Product ID
* Product name
* SKU code
* Commission Group
* Merchant Category
* Sales Quantity
* Sales Amount
* Commission Amount

This new tool will give affiliates greater transparency on the purchasing habits of their users as well as analyse the effectiveness of specific promotional activity or messages.

If you have any feedback for improvements to this report please send your suggestions to

Chris Giddins
Client Services Manager

Removal of Old Product Data Feed Platform on the 31st May

Written by Sarah on . Posted in Network News, Technology

Previous versions of product data feeds are being removed from service on the 31st May (versions 1.0 and 1.2). This means that if you havent switched to using the new Create-a-Feed system for downloading feeds then you will need to do so by the 31st May.

Using the Create-a-Feed interface allows you to choose categories, merchants and brands to include in a product data feed and choose what format you would like to receive the data. This means that you can choose to receive feeds in a format similar to previous versions. You can choose the order that fields appear by selecting the fields and then dragging and dropping them in to your desired order.

We’ve also added a recommended feeds option. This allows you to download a feed that is in a similar format to the previous version (1.2). Some fields are not available in the Create-a-Feed system that were available in version 1.2, this is because they were either never populated or rarely used. These fields are:

* Thumb URL

* Display price

* Is for sale

* Type

* Product type

Also, please note the following changes:

* No unzipped feeds will be supplied. A solution has been covered in detail in this thread

* No tab delimited file support

* There is a download limit of 2.5 million product records

Create-a-Feed can be accessed from the right hand navigation within the ShopWindow Toolset section.

Please let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions by sending an e-mail to

Chris Giddins
Client Services Manager