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Protect your affiliate programme against fraud

Written by Kirsty Grimes on . Posted in AWin Advice

We are all aware that online fraud takes place, so we want to take every precaution necessary to ensure it doesn’t happen to you. So we’ve put together various steps merchants can take to put those extra barriers in place especially for lead based programmes and programmes offering a high CPA which are often targets.

- Manually approve new affiliates

- Regularly check your account and make sure no sales auto validate in error

- Check for unnaturally high basket values, or multiple sales generates by the same IP address

- If you pay for new customer sign ups then look out for sequential/ randomly generated e-mail addresses, which could indicate suspicious activity eg.,,

- Use the network’s anti -fraud measure Lycos solution (suitable for lead based programmes only) which when activated will only track one sale, per day, per affiliate, per IP address

- Do not validate until 100% sure of the authenticity of the transaction

- Carefully check all order details, as the network is only able to view order references and IP address details

- Pass the network a unique identifier for each lead to ensure accurate tracking

Some more tell tale signs a merchant could look out for (please note these are just examples and NOT definite examples of fraudulent activity).

- Can you see a banner or text link on the affiliate site? If not then it is important to understand where the traffic is coming from, so we recommend finding out more information from the affiliate.

- Has the affiliate just registered and is now sending through lots of leads?

- Are numerous sales suddenly coming from one affiliate?

- Are leads coming from the same IP address?

- Have you noticed leads being generated at a strange time of the day, ie. 10 leads at

If you have identified a few of the points above on your programme then we would strongly suggest further investigation. We are more than happy to discuss this issue in more detail so please contact your relevant account manager or a member of the Account Development team at if you require further assistance in this area.

Take part in the 2009 UK Affiliate Census

Written by Sarah on . Posted in Network News

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Two years ago e-consultancy published findings from the very first Affiliate Census.  The results, compiled from over 1,500 responses, identified;

• a significant influx of new affiliates during 2006
• agreement that insufficient quality & quantity of links inhibited programme performance
• the majority of respondents did affiliate marketing in their spare time

Have things changed?  Certainly there is a much greater reliance on affiliate across the whole digital marketing spectrum and there appears to be a far higher degree of professionalism amongst the affiliate community, but what are the hard facts?

The 2009 Affiliate Census starts here.  Please take five minutes out of your day to follow this link and complete the 2009 census.  This is our industry and everything we do to raise its profile increases the opportunities for all involved.

E-consultancy will send all respondents a copy of the results in February.  I’m sure you are as intrigued as we are to learn what the industry has to say about itself this time around.

Please take part :-)

David Hall
Partnerships Director
Affiliate Window

Payment Changes

Written by Kirsty Grimes on . Posted in Network News, Technology

Further to our recent announcement regarding changes to the Affiliate Window payment system, we can confirm that these changes have gone live today.

Whilst the majority of affiliate commissions will continue to be paid without delay, some commissions will be withheld until Affiliate Window receives payment from the merchant. This will be done in cases when a merchant has passed their credit limit.

All merchants will now be graded with a traffic light system to give affiliates visibility on which merchants are operating under restricted payment terms.

Traffic Light System

The traffic light system will operate as follows:-

Green – This merchant has an up to date payment record and no payment restrictions. Affiliates will be paid for all merchant commissions regardless of when the merchant pays Affiliate Window.

Amber – This merchant is set to restricted invoice terms. Affiliates will be paid for merchant commissions only when payment for the corresponding invoice has been received by Affiliate Window.

Red – This merchant has severely restricted invoice terms and overdue payment with Affiliate Window. Affiliates will be paid for merchant commissions only when payment for the corresponding invoice, and the other outstanding invoices, has been received by Affiliate Window. The network would recommend affiliates do not promote merchants who are set to this status.

Payment History

All payment information will now be stored in the Payment History section of your account. This includes details of all self-billed invoices and information relating to your next payment.

Next Payment Amount:-

Is the amount that you are due to be paid in your next payment. This amount is fixed and once published in your account will not change.

Affiliates can only be paid for approved transactions and this amount will not contain transactions validated after the payment cut off period.

Payment Pending:-

Is the amount currently being held until Affiliate Window receive payment from the merchant. This amount will not include transactions that were validated after the payment cut off period.

Next Payment Date:-

The date when your next payment will be raised.

The figures for Next Payment Amount and Payment Pending are published figures that will be updated once a day overnight.

Although these changes are effective from today, affiliate payments will not be affected until the next payment run on 18th January 2009.