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Raffle Bonanza Grand Finale!

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Like all good things Raffle Bonanza has come to an end!

Over the past 8 weeks our generous merchants have given a way a whopping £18,500 worth of prizes and made 117 winners. Today Affiliate Window hosted the draw to end all draws – the Raffle Bonanza Grand Finale!

All the tickets generated over the entire series were entered into the draw and at 10 am this morning we added another 149 winners to the list – making the whopping total of 266 Raffle Bonanza winners!
In true Bonanza tradition we also aired our season finale and the ‘award winning’ show can be seen here.

Below is a list of all the prizes and winners, so don’t forget to see if your ID is there and claim your prize in the Raffle Bonanza admin area.

As per usual you have two weeks to claim your prize, at which point your confirmed details will be passed on and you will receive your gift shortly afterwards.

Prizes and Winners

Nintendo Wii Console including Wii Sports
Winning ID: 18678, 52311, 60318, 70680, 79787

Flip Ultra Cameras
Winners: 4386, 37130, 46407, 57875, 62171, 62576, 67035, 74182, 77316

Logitech X-240 / Portable Speakers With Digital Player Dock For iPod / 25 Watt
Winners: 3536, 16427, 49994, 50127, 58546, 67001, 67839, 72226, 80740, 81446

Retro Sweet Hamper
Winners: 5851, 6012, 21196, 27684, 28086, 31597, 40499, 50675, 54737, 57957, 59125, 60749, 63138, 64875, 65321, 66134, 68437, 71957, 71959, 72354, 72565, 77386, 79074, 80187, 85302

Book of Cool
Winners: 3394, 4512, 5715, 9409, 11690, 13994, 25666, 29654, 30372, 56788, 57434, 57697, 58728, 62007, 65540, 65970, 68033, 68552, 71703, 73258, 73286, 74580, 76521, 78437, 79628, 79757, 80645, 82394

Truffle Shuffle voucher
Winners: 47643, 55212, 61804, 63715, 66868, 69962, 70594, 78361, 82254, 84151

Monopoly Here and Now UK Edition Board Game
Winners: 28664, 38449, 38503, 55937, 56023, 56851, 64505, 68124, 71749, 73731, 78186, 83712

Are You Smarter Than A 10 Year-Old? Game
Winners: 19788, 23208, 60940, 68086, 69122, 73585, 76331, 76767, 80726, 81738, 82282, 84040

Trivial Pursuit War Of The Wedges
Winners: 7018, 40661, 47172, 67320, 72187, 76191, 76914, 77627, 78766, 79035, 81639, 82130

Bop It Extreme
Winners: 3538, 14114, 24658, 25713, 42720, 47868, 49542, 54539, 56964, 57984, 58075, 59038, 60612, 64649, 68592, 69519, 74150, 74583, 77632, 78309, 80518, 81501, 83092, 84045, 84990

The Raffle Bonanza Video Kit and Flip Ultra Camera
Winner: 67799

A huge thank you to everyone who took part in the Promotion, I hope that you have all enjoyed it as much as we have enjoyed putting it on!

If you have any queries regarding the promotions, not sure if you have claimed your prize or want to claim a prize won during week 1 to 8 please email me at

Affiliate Window change to the affiliate payment system:

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Affiliate Window has for the last 3+ years managed to add an additional level of protection to all of our affiliates by guaranteeing to payout on ALL validated confirmed commissions regardless of whether a company tries to claw back or becomes insolvent. This has seen us swallow some significant losses on behalf of our affiliates but allowed us to act as the financial buffer between partners easing the cash flow problems that can arise from upfront affiliate marketing costs.

More recently a proportion (and I do qualify only a proportion) of this risk has been handled by credit insurance. However, as market conditions have changed and the credit worthiness of merchants comes under scrutiny the amount of cover being offered for certain partners means we have to align our payment model with other competitor networks. This means we can no longer guarantee payment of commissions when we are unlikely to receive payment ourselves. Each merchant’s scenario will be monitored independently and where there is plenty of headroom we will continue to pay ahead of receiving payment from the merchant. Where the levels of commission and invoices owed exceed the credit insurance threshold for a merchant we reserve the right to withhold payment until we have secured payment from the merchant.

We understand this is not an ideal scenario for affiliates but we hope you can see that our previous stance in this current climate means absorbing a level of risk that is simply not feasible. Rather than seeing this as a penalty move against affiliates I would ask you all to appreciate that for the last few years we have paid out many hundreds of thousands of pounds in commissions that we have never received.
It’s been a difficult choice but one that ensures a greater share of risk between all parties. We will of course endeavour to tighten up all invoicing processes from the merchant/agency side to ensure their payments are swift and where possible ahead of time.

These are uncertain times for many businesses and I hope the need for this change is clear. There will always be the few who will now question the financial security of the network, Affiliate Window remains in the strongest of financial positions and any quality credit check will confirm this but changes are required when the payment solution offered ultimately creates a greater exposure to risk for the business. We are merely doing what many other networks have done since the beginning. I would hope to see this change as a temporary measure and welcome a time when we can all feel more comfortable about the market.

To avoid any doubt:

If a merchant validates commission and has settled all invoices within their agreed payment period and are within their credit insurance threshold then AWin will pay commission to the affiliate as normal.

If the merchant validates commission and has not settled outstanding invoices within their agreed payment period and are close to or over their credit insurance threshold then AWin will not release commission until payment is secured.

If any merchant becomes insolvent AWin can no longer guarantee payment for any validated commission unless payment is processed from the merchant.

Once commissions are validated and paid to affiliates they cannot be clawed back, this still remains the case.

As always we remain open to your feedback and will continually assess our system to ensure parity for all parties.

Whilst effective immediately this will not affect any affiliates until the scheduled 4th January 2009 payment run.

Kind Regards,
Mark Walters,

Affiliate Window Voucher Code Policy

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At the beginning of October the IAB’s Affiliate Marketing Council (AMC) announced a set of industry standards to govern the use and distribution of discount voucher codes (click to view)

Collaborating through the AMC, the networks who are IAB members will adhere to the following set of standards from January 1st 2009.

• Using ‘Click to Reveal’ when there is no valid or current code present is not permitted of affiliate publishers including using ‘Click to Reveal’ to show any deals/offers/sales instead of vouchers
• Voucher code affiliate publishers must clearly detail the voucher offer that will be revealed by the click
• A valid code is defined as a code that has been legitimately issued by a merchant for use online. This code will have an activation date and where necessary a deactivation date
• Voucher code directories must contain clear categorization and separation between deals/offers/sales and discount codes

We applaud this development and we want to ensure that its spirit is echoed by the affiliates we work with. To help this Affiliate Window will implement the following initiatives to enable all our clients, affiliates and merchants, to operate well within the boundaries set down by the AMC’s best practice standards. Furthermore we want to clarify precisely what remedial action Affiliate Window will take should these boundaries be overstepped.

Partnerships team
The onus is firmly with us to ensure the guidelines are followed. Our ‘Partnerships Team’ have the responsibility for offering advice about complying with the standards. Members of our Partnerships Team will be in contact during the week commencing 8th Dec with the operators of the most prolific voucher code sites to make ourselves known and offer our support when and where it is needed.
Should you want to take the initiative and speak to us first, please contact

Edwyn McFarlane (t)020 7553 0409 (e)

or my colleague

Jemma Allanson (t)020 7553 0351 (e)

This initiative is just the latest demonstration of the professional qualities now associated with affiliate marketing and we anticipate that all our affiliates will want to work within the spirit of the guidelines.
Affiliates who knowingly or otherwise operate outside of the guidelines will be brought to the attention of the IAB and all the network members of the AMC. The network members have decided to collectively suspend non-conformists until that affiliate can clearly demonstrate they are working within the agreed parameters. Affiliate Window will consider repeated attempts to break the guidelines as unacceptable and we will be compelled to suspend that affiliate from the network indefinitely.

Affiliate Window believes that these ‘best practice guidelines’ will benefit the whole industry in the long-term and look forward to working together to making all AMC initiatives useful and effective throughout 2009.

Yours sincerely,

David Hall