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Raffle Bonanza

Written by Kirsty Grimes on . Posted in Events

Congratulations you’re the next contestant on the Affiliate Window Raffle Bonanza. Come on down!

We here at Affiliate Window HQ have been gripped by Raffle Bonanza fever and now I hear it’s about to spread to our affiliates like wild fire! For the next 8 amazing weeks points mean prizes, or in this case sales equal raffle tickets. Affiliates simply need to generate sales for the four featured merchants and get entered into the four weekly draws. Be sure to stay tuned for the climactic season finale of… Raffle Bonanza!

Rules of Engagement

Each week four merchants will be on display in the special Raffle Bonanza area (link located on the affiliate admin area). Affiliates have the opportunity to take advantage of their spectacular offers and if they generate sales for the merchant they will receive raffle tickets, the more sales they make the more tickets they will have in the draw. Affiliates can generate sales for as many of the featured merchants as they can.

One sale from a featured merchant during their promotional period equals one raffle ticket; Affiliates can earn a maximum of ten tickets per programme per week (So 40 tickets per week overall). Affiliates can chart their progress by checking the Raffle Bonanza page to see how many stars have lit up.

Every merchant has strived to create an incredible prize package exclusively for Raffle Bonanza! However, we will be keeping the prize details under wraps until the end of the week, when we will broadcast our big reveal!

At the end of the each week there will be four separate draws, one from each featured merchant. Once the winners have been picked all the raffle tickets generated will be transferred into the Grand Prize draw taking place at the end of the season (Affiliates can see their counter at the top of the Raffle Bonanza page). Four new merchants will take their places and a new game begins.

Once the 8 weeks are up there will be a special Raffle Bonanza Grand Prize draw blow out! All the tickets earned during the previous weeks will have been transferred into the Grand Prize pot ready for the draw to end all draws – and all in time for Christmas!

N.B. For full terms and conditions please click here.

Affiliate Window Launch AWin Analytics

Written by Sarah on . Posted in Network News, Technology

Today Affiliate Window goes live with our latest innovation to help merchants on our network run the most highly effective programmes in the industry.

Retailers will be able to improve the effectiveness of their affiliate marketing campaigns based on detailed information from AWin Analytics, a brand new optimisation tool from Affiliate Window.

The Affiliate Window tool allows marketers to view a plethora of information relating to affiliate traffic, including number of visits, pages views, pages viewed per visit, bounce rate, time on site and the percentage of new visitors.

It also provides more detailed data on every active affiliate’s; user sessions, geographic location, time lapse between visits and time spent on each page. Merchants will be able to contrast the behavior of visitors from different affiliates, and make changes to their promotional campaigns and landing pages, for example, to get more out of their partners. has beta-tested the tool. Naomi Brown, online marketing manager for Firebox says, “AWin Analytics is a brilliant new development by Affiliate Window. We already use an analytics package to measure our visitor activity, but AWin Analytics works alongside this to give me completely new insight into our affiliate traffic.”

“About 15% of our business is generated by affiliates. With this new data I can see exactly where those customers come from and what they are doing on our website. This is going to help me optimise our affiliate campaigns and get even better results.”

With AWin Analytics integrated merchants and AWin account managers will be able to spot trends or opportunities that will improve the effectiveness of a campaign in the blink of an eye.

Users will note that we’ve chosen to provide similar statistics to Google Analytics so that marketers can effectively analyse both sets of data together and make valid comparisons. We are confident that it will be enormously helpful to all our merchant partners.

To learn more about this new tool login to you account and click the ‘Awin Analytics’ link in your Admin Area.

Nakama Video

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For all of you that couldn’t make it to Nakama, our black tie event last month, check out the below video for some high lights of the attractions and some interesting vox pop’s regarding the industry from the likes of ;

• Duncan Jennings, Managing Director of eConversions
• David Hall, Communications Director, Affiliate Window
• Graham Keen, Affiliate Marketing Manager, Buyagift
• Megan Powell, Ecommerce Marketing Website Manager, Evans Clothing
• Natalie Coombe, Operations manager, Artemis 8
• Fiona Macpherson, Senior Affiliate Manager, Equator
• Will Cooper, Deputy News Editor, New Media Age Magazine