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Another Successful Seminar

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Yesterday saw the passing of another successful merchant seminar here at our new offices in Leman Street. With merchant guests from AGA Cookshop, Currys, Discount Theatre, Faith, Go Compare, La Femme Fatale, New Look, Travelodge, Ugs & Kisses, Vitamins Direct and Vodafone we had a really great mix of people.

Our attendees were treated to 6 educational sessions including ‘Who affiliates really are’ and ‘Optimising Commission Structures’ presented by our own AWin staff and to round the day of we had Mark Russell from Existem AM to share his learning’s as an Agency Account Manager.


Yet again the feedback from the day proved it was well worth the hard work;
“Just wanted to say thanks very much for a great training day yesterday. I have just emailed my account contact to tell her that my many questions will now be more precise! All the sessions where really good and I especially enjoyed Marks sessions at the end.”
“Overall I think the day has been brilliant. All presentations were confidently delivered and all speakers were extremely knowledgeable.”
“Brilliant, but with so much useful information where do I start now?!”
“Just wanted to say thank you for the very interesting day Beth and I had yesterday. The talks were very informative, the food was delicious, and it was great to meet the team.”

If any of our merchants feel that they would benefit from attending our next seminar, due to be held on Thursday 27th March, please feel free to drop me a line.


Whistler – The story so far!

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I turned up at Heathrow to meet Paul and Julian from IWOOT and the competition winners Harvey, Jamie, Jo and Ian to eventually find out that the flight was cancelled. Apparently the BA Captain was poorly that day and when announced we joined a massive queue to make alternative travel arrangements.

The only travel arrangements offered were an overnight stay at the wonderful Heathrow Hotel for next day travel via Toronto with a forward flight directly to Vancouver. So off to the Hotel we went. Once we arrived there we went for dinner and some well deserved drinks! However there was a certain member of the party that nearly lost their passport.

We arrived to meet everyone at 8.30am the next morning. 8.30am came and still one very important person missing. He had apparently only gone to bed at 6am that morning and no one knew which room he was in! To cut a long story short we had no alternative to call security to track down the missing Julian!

All was well just in the nick of time, as we only just made it to the Airport to check in with all the massive queues at Heathrow. Scary to think that if security was not called, we may have missed that flight, even though arriving now a day early:-)

Well on the 24th the day of final travel it was my birthday – the lostest ever through the different time zones. Started in Heathrow, then Toronto and even had time to do an excursion to the CN Towers in Toronto. (This tallest building apparently in the world) with an elevator that took the party up to the top as quick as I am writing the word “Happy Birthday to Me”

After a brisk walk and it was brisk as it was freezing cold it was back to the Airport for that long connecting flight to Vancouver. The flight went quickly and I did manage to get some shut eye which seemed like minutes but must have been a couple of hours. Then finally reached Vancouver and to our amazement was picked up in a stretch limo for a two hour drive to Whistler – Exhausted.

Had a good night’s sleep and will be meeting the guys shortly for the first day at Whistler – God help us!

Affiliate Window at the Brit Awards 2008

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The evening of Wednesday 20th saw the majority of Affiliate Window and a selection of Merchants don their glad rags and enjoy a night of pure pop entertainment.

The night kicked off with us arriving to a champagne reception and meeting and greeting other staff member and clients, once we were all pretty much together it was time to be seated in the arena and begin our meal. Lamb was on the menu in the form of a cutlet with swede mash and a mini side portion of Sheppard’s Pie, while sweet teeth were sated with a selection of retro desserts. Yummy!

Once the plates had been cleared it was time for the show to start. The Osbournes – ultimate Rock n’ Roll family were the hosts and Sharon, Ozzy, Kelly and Jack took it in turns to compare and chat to variety of guests.


There were some great performances from the likes of Mika, Kylie, the Kaiser Chiefs, while Rihanna performed her popular Umbrella song with the help of The Klaxons and an amazing green light show. Another high light was Sir Paul McCartney’s performance, especially the pyrotechnics of bombastic Bond theme Live and Let Die, while Hey Jude had everyone in the venue singing along at the top of their voices!


I managed sneak past the security and talk to a couple of celebrities myself, everyone was very friendly especially Louis Walsh who I ended up chatting to at length about the nominations and Kylie; interestingly enough he didn’t agree with all the winners!


Paul Young

The after show party was just as entertaining, the huge illuminated dance floor, something a kin to that from Saturday Night Fever was home to most of the AWin staff, who certainly were not shy about strutting their stuff! Apparently there were bumper cars in a different room and I definitely remember a sudden abundance of hula hoops appearing out of nowhere!

Over all it was a very memorable night and one we will be talking about for a long time to come. A big thank you to Kevin Brown who orchestrated this amazing night out!

IWOOT trip to Whistler

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The clock is ticking… this time tommorrow I (Julie Wood) will be at the Airport
with the competition winners to Whistler in Canada
for some fun and adventure.

Iwoot site

When I met up with IWOOT and the competition winners the other week everyone was really looking
forward to the trip. I will keep you all posted with snow reports, silly stories and hopefully no

All this fuss over a fiver!

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News of our £5 refundable affiliate signup fee has finally reached US shores nearly 3 years after its launch. Click here to read Shawn Collins’ blog or here to listen to the Affiliate Thing podcast. Once we fully explained our reasons, the response from the UK affiliate community has always been favourable but Shawn Collins, one of the founders of Affiliate Summit, believes it to be a surreptitious revenue channel for us.

We are happy to concede on the point of inappropriate wording on the sign up page and we are addressing that today however, it must be understood this is not a way to retain £5 from every affiliate applicant with an inappropriate site.

The fee allows us to match details entered into our system with those on their credit/debit card. If these details do not match, one must question the integrity of the applicant. If the site entered is deemed inappropriate, rejected affiliates are contacted to address the issue, perhaps by submitting a different site they operate. Fundamentally we review all rejected applications on an individual basis.

The vast majority of our applicants are now of a much higher quality, and fraudulent activity through the network is at an all-time low. It is quite rare that someone is rejected without just cause and I can only recall a handful of instances where the system has failed.

I think the debate that has ensued since Shawn’s post on Feb 19th clearly highlights the widening gap between the US and UK affiliate industries. In my opinion UK merchants and agencies have a far deeper understanding of affiliate marketing. This knowledge puts greater demands on UK networks and affiliates to be more innovative and security conscious.

On my last visit to Affiliate Summit in Miami, I remember being very surprised and disappointed at the large number of PPC affiliates disinterested in programmes unless they offered a combination of brand and direct linking. It became clear in conversations with some of them that the very idea of reinvesting in generic terms was a completely alien concept. On the merchant side, few fully understood the implications of spyware and how it interacted with affiliate marketing. We left many of them visibly shocked by our revelations on how the UK market operated.

It is the demands from our merchants and affiliates that keep us invigorated, long may it continue.

Adam Ross
Client Services Director

Affiliate Marketing – it’s not all fun and games you know…

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…Unless you happen to have been hanging around the Affiliate Window office this lunch time – that is! A brand new air hockey table and House of the Dead 2 arcade game were delivered to the break out area today. They join the existing Spiderman 3 pinball machine and pool table, making lunchtimes for us exceptionally more entertaining.

air hockey

The Spiderman 3 pinball machine that arrived in the first week of January has already proven to be a huge hit. Competition has been heated to say the least, but the present reigning champion is one of our designers Paul Blunden, with a jaw dropping score of 167,179,000. Incredible considering I can’t get past 20,000,000!

house of the dead

These games were chosen by and are courtesy of Kevin Brown – so a big thank you to Kevin for providing us with all the air hockeypinaballpoolzombieshootingarcade – goodness one company could ask for!