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The IAB Affiliate Marketing Guide

Written by Kirsty Grimes on . Posted in IAB

The trade association for the internet marketing industry, the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) have recently published a handy Affiliate Marketing Guide.

The guide works as a great introduction and overview of the industry; packed with information, advice and case studies. The handbook highlights tried & tested techniques and strategies that will help brands successfully manage an affiliate marketing programme.

The content is provided by members of the Affiliate Marketing Council (AMC), all of whom work in the affiliate industry and have a wealth of knowledge to share on the subject.

Affiliate Window supplied the Evans Cycles and IWOOT case studies found on pages 39 and 42, plus our very own Julia Stent produced ‘A day in the life of a programme’ (page 16 -19).

There are more guides of a similar nature planned for 2008, so if you would like to take part, please contact us. Also of you would like to find out more about the IAB and the work they do please visit their website at

To view the IAB Affiliate Marketing Guide in PDF form click here.

Looking for love?

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If you get a copy of Revolution magazine you may have already seen this months fun feature ‘Revolution’s Most Eligible’.

The feature has 20 fresh-faced, girls and boys from the world of digital marketing and a fifth of them work for Affiliate Window!

Here are the pages just in case you missed out.

Most Eligible 1 Most Eligible 2 Most Eligible 3

‘Jigsaw’ advert for Affiliate Window

Written by Kirsty Grimes on . Posted in Network News

With the new year in full swing, the design team has been busy working on concepts for Affiliate Window’s 2008 advertising campaign which will begin in Feb/March. In the meantime however I have produced a full page ad, to be featured in a one-off in-bound special on Affiliate Marketing to be published in the next issue of Revolution magazine.

You will, I’m sure remember the ‘blue sky’ ads which have been featured in magazines such as NMA, Revolution and Marketing Week, and on other printed advertising material. It was always our intention to change the 2007 theme in favour of a fresh look for 2008, featuring our new logos and branding.

It was decided that this interim advert should focus on the partnerships that Affiliate Window has developed, while incorporating the new logo and the awards that have been received recently. The concept of a jigsaw was developed, with the interlocking pieces reflecting the strong bonds between merchants and affiliates, and the final piece of the jigsaw which completes the puzzle being Affiliate Window. The finished ad is based around a ‘stock’ photo of a wooden jigsaw with the final piece just out of place. This image allowed us to use a blue background in the gap left by the missing piece and achieve two things; perfect copy space for the strap line “the complete affiliate marketing solution”, and symbolising the end of the ‘blue sky’ theme.

Affiliate Window ‘Jigsaw’ ad

In the future, we will be able to re-use this ad and swap in other merchant and affiliate logos. Look out for the ad in February’s Revolution magazine!

Breaking our own rules

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The AWin Blog is all about big network news! We usually keep information about programme launches for the A4U forum, but after launching 3 high profile programmes in one day we decided that it was worth breaking our own rules to tell you about them!

3 logos

Bhs, and Petguard have all gone live on Affiliate Window today and each brings it’s own unique set of opportunities for affiliates in; fashion, entertainment and insurance.

Click the links above for more information about each programme.


Do great minds think alike or do fools seldom differ?

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Is it time for a break? How about a game of Spot The Difference? Below are two images subtly different from one another. The first image was published in Travolution in December last year, the second was printed in today’s copy of NMA .


While you’re thinking about the differences I will take this opportunity to tell you about the next Question Time Event hosted by Travolution when a panel of Travel Industry experts will be answering the audiences questions regarding their digital marketing strategies. The high profile panel includes:

· Alan Josephs – managing director, Ebookers
· Kristie Goshow – group director e-commerce and customer development, Jumeirah
· Chris Roe – e-commerce director, Virgin Holidays
· Steven Freudmann – president, Institute of Travel & Tourism
· Kevin Edwards – partnerships director, Affiliate Window

The event takes place at Charlotte Street Hotel (15 Charlotte Street, London W1P 1HB) next Tuesday (29th January) at 6pm. For More information please contact Charlotte Davies on 020 8652 3860 or

Now back to that ‘Spot The Difference’ question. Yes, the adverts are similar, but if you look closely you will see the image on the left has the A4U Awards logos for ‘Publishers Choice of Network’ and ‘Most Innovative Network’.

ContentWindow Widgets upgraded

Written by Sarah on . Posted in Technology

Here in the Affiliate Window offices we have declared 2008 as the year of innovation. In deference to this we have overhauled our ContentWidget application to bring you improved functionality, making it even easier to profile products on websites and emails.

ContentWindow Widgets now includes; ContentWidgets, BrandedWidgets, ThemedWidgets and a revised interface for all the elements. The new interface includes a neat ‘drag & drop’ feature so you can clearly add, remove, edit and order the products displayed in your various widgets.

Our original widget offering, whereby widgets can be formatted to suit their online environment, remains at the heart of the system.
A Standad ContentWindow Widget

This new functionality enables merchants to add BrandedWidget designs for you to use, like these from PrezzyBox, Empire Stores and Woolworths (available now).

Examples of BrandedWidgets

Currently there are ‘Gadget’, ‘Valentine’, ‘Toy’ and ‘Music’ ThemedWidgets available and more will be added each month throughout the year.

Examples of ThemedWidgets

Lastly, you can design and add your own ThemedWidgets which will be available for your own exclusive use. For details on how to do this, login to your Admin Area and open the document, Specifications For Creating ThemedWidgets (for affiliates) or Specifications For Creating BrandedWidgets (for merchants).

The interface for ThemedWidgets allows affiliates who create their own ThemedWidgets to access extra editing functionality to customise price, description, title, image. This feature even enables the affiliate to promote a product not featured in a merchants datafeed!

We look forward to reading your comments and seeing different ContentWindow Widgets on websites and emails,