Monthly Mobile Update – August 2014

September 2nd, 2014


Affiliate Window’s August 2014 mobile data is drawn from over 2.5m network transactions across 1,600 advertisers spanning the retail, travel and telecoms sectors in the UK, US, CA and IE. Clients we work with include John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Sky, British Telecom and

Working with around half the top 100 retail brands in the UK as well as over 1,000 SMEs allows us to build a comprehensive picture of the mobile landscape.

August Mobile Performance

  • 38.34% of traffic originated from a mobile device – up from 36.05% in July
  • 18.44% of traffic came from a smartphone – up from 18.10% in June
  • 32.71% of sales originated from a mobile device – up from 30.68% in July
  • 12.34% of sales came from a smartphone – up from 11.39% in July
  • Mobile traffic converted at 3.84% – down from 4.06% in July
  • Mobile Average Order Value (AOV) was £78.04 – up from £67.46 in July
  • August Headlines

  • 24,700 sales each day originated from a mobile device (smartphone and tablet)
  • 9,300 of these were through a smartphone
  • 450 clicks originated from a mobile device every minute
  • 390 sales were generated through a smartphone each hour
  • 25% of revenue generated for our advertisers in August was through a mobile device
  • Individual Device Trends

  • Android smartphones accounted for 26.75% of smartphone traffic and 26.89% of sales
  • Android tablets accounted for 30.06% of tablet traffic but only 18.45% of sales
  • Tablet devices converted at 5.54% while smartphones dragged down the overall mobile conversion rate – converting at 3%
  • iPad typically converts at 3 percentage points above Android tablets
  • iPad users not only convert at a much higher rate than their Android counterparts, but also spend significantly more when they do
  • If you are interested in seeing more detailed information on the above, comprehensive coverage of our monthly mobile stats can be found here.

    Register your interest in our monthly mobile data by emailing the team:


    Publisher Spotlight: MainADV

    August 28th, 2014

    mainlogoBigmainADV provides customised and measurable solutions to deliver online marketing strategies for clients through category targeting, display and retargeting. Established in 2007 and headquartered in Italy, mainADV operates in over ten industries in over thirty-five countries. Adidas, Expedia, and are amongst mainADV’s UK & IE clients. Their market reach covers over 80% of the online inventory across major traffic providers including ad exchanges, RTB platforms and media networks.

    mainADV uses an in-house algorithm and retargeting technology coupled with bespoke and IAB compliant creative. The ads are geo-matched to consumer location while the frequency can be controlled to provide an optimal user experience. mainADV operate a CPA payout with no minimum spending or additional fee, however they can work with a CPM and CPC payout on request.

    How does it work?

    mainADV’s Algorithm

    mainADV performs retargeting at four levels – linear, bestsellers, complimentary and discount offers-  that may appear within the same banner or delivered on multiple ad media. This approach helps to ensure the highest rate in conversions from click to sale.

    image 1


    mainADV’s algorithm for multidimensional segmentation has the ability to profile a user according to his/her behaviour on a retailer’s webpage. The retargeting pixels are placed on webpages, ideally on each step of the purchase cycle.  Retargeting then allows these specific users to be exposed to a tailored promotional offer that is relevant to their interests, providing reasons to revisit the website and make a purchase.This automated technology acts in full respect of the users´ privacy.

    The retargeting takes place on popular platforms including Facebook, Skype, Twitter and in a variety of ad formats, with no impact on the user experience.

    Brand Safety

    mainADV commits to ensuring Brand Safety for its clients. The Ad Verification tool is designed to detect unwanted content and ban it from future buying. There are two levels of verification – the first provides information about the quality of the inventory, whilst the second blocks the banner of the client, displaying a blank page in case the website is considered unsafe.

    What else do you need to know?

    • +48% basket users reach
    • +5x click through rate
    • +3.5x conversion rate
    • +50% average order value
    • +200% sales volume
    • +300% turnover

    To learn more about how you can partner with mainADV, please contact John Curran.

    Affiliate Window Interface Changes

    August 27th, 2014

    We have released a new header and navigation menu that is now visible on the Affiliate Window interface. This is a small change that we are rolling out as part of a bigger goal to improve the look, feel and user experience on the platform.

    Some of the improvements are:

    • The size of the header has been reduced to save space so that users can read more content without being required to scroll down
    • More logical navigation has been implemented to make it easier for users to find information
    • The header has been de-cluttered to make it more readable
    • We have ensured that users with ‘restricted viewer’ permission cannot access any performance/financial data on the interface including the dashboard
    • We have made the menu more suitable for “viewers” and “restricted viewers” so that they can only view pages that are relevant to them

    Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the product team ( if you have any questions or would like to provide feedback.

    Publisher Newsletter 26th August 2014

    August 26th, 2014

    >Secure your place at the Affiliate Marketing Council summer social!

    >We announce our Back to School competition winners

    >Don’t miss offers from,, Expedia & more

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    Register now for the AMC Summer Social

    August 20th, 2014


    The IAB’s Affiliate Marketing Council will be hosting their annual summer social on September 4th in central London with all-comers welcome.

    The event, at 19-20 in Farringdon, is always a great opportunity to network with around 300 like-minded publishers and advertisers as well as representatives from networks and agencies in an informal setting. Co-sponsored by Affiliate Window, registration is required in order to secure your place.

    Kicking off at 5.30 the event is free with a limit of two attendees per company. There will be a selection of buffet food and free drinks to help oil the networking wheels.

    In order to secure your place please register here.

    Publisher Newsletter 19th August 2014

    August 19th, 2014

    >We announce our 5th annual gifts, gadgets & toys sector event, Unwrapped!

    >Find out about our new ShopWindow datafeed  platform!

    >Don’t miss offers from EE Mobile, M&S, ENERGY BULBS & more

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